The Damotech Product will not enhance any properties of the heavy duty racking system on which it is installed, the upright column that has been retrofitted and reinforced by a Damotech Product or the concrete floor anchor points.
Damotech specializes in the manufacturing of a unique and safe product for warehouse racking repair. With the help of specialized equipment, the steel reinforcement of the Damo-Pro warehouse racking repair product is installed at the base of shelves enabling the lifting of the structure without removing the merchandise.
This Damotech Limited Product Warranty is made to and for the benefit of the Customer only and is not transferable to any assigns or successors or transferees of the original Customer who subsequently purchases, leases or otherwise comes into possession of the Damotech racking repair solution.
Trusted by industry leaders, Damotech racking protector systems have been used in many industries including automotive, food and cold storage, retail, pharmaceutical and general manufacturing. Many companies have trusted our racking protector for their racking systems and we are sure you will too!
Damotech is a revolutionary technology for industrial pallet racking fixing and reinforcement. This process allows the uprights to be repaired without unloading the pallets on each beam level and without shutting down aisles in the warehouse for long periods of time. This engineered Pallet Rack & racking fixing product is fabricated structural steel designed to resist impact loads generated by mobile material handling equipment and also to protect industrial storage systems from future damage and accidents.
Damotech is a permanent racking column fixing solution both in the aisles and at the end of the rows. Damotech allowed racking column fixing without unloading all of the pallets. We also were able to colour code the racking repair kits to match our current rack colours. Damotech is your solution for your racking column fixing needs.
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Our goal is to guide you in choosing the right approach and practices to ensure proper pallet racking maintenance. Our revolutionary technology allows repairing and restoring the upright system to its original capacity. Our permanent Certified engineered solution will Protect your original investment, Control or avoid insurance claims, allow proper pallet racking maintenance for the safety of workers, and stop the cycle of repair and replacement.
Damo-Pro standard configuration is engineered to repair and reinforce conventional or heavy-duty damaged racking uprights that have severe damages to their column faces.

Damo-King is engineered to be integrated into new or damaged racking uprights before the final installation of a racking system. It is designed to reinforce and protect columns from impact damage or abuse.
Over the years, after major efforts in R & D, Damotech is now positioned to offer complete damaged racking fixing applicable to any rack design or configuration. Since then, numerous end users have experienced and benefited from the Damotech damaged racking fixing solutions and can recommend their installation in a variety of environments.
Damotech pallet racking corner protectors are suitable for wall, doorframes, pallet racks, in plant offices, loading docks and more. Formed from a single piece of steel, the pallet racking corner protectors can be positioned at the end of a run to protect the base of the frame.
The Damotech Product will not enhance any properties of the heavy duty racking system on which it is installed, the upright column that has been retrofitted and reinforced by a Damotech Product or the concrete floor anchor points.
Damotech Inc., was created in 1989 when its inventor was working as a subcontractor installing racking systems. He soon realized the considerable demand for damaged racking columns repair. He conceived a proprietary method to repair and fortify these damaged racking columns repair systems safely and permanently.
Many warehouses and distribution centres have sustained damaged racking mostly due to forklifts and other vehicles in the work area.. These incidents usually happen at the bottom levels, leaving most of the upright structurally sound. Damotech recommends its damaged racking repair reinforcement to fix racking and protect them from failures or rack collapses.
Fundamentally, decision processes should always be based on proper business acumen; good work ethics and limiting your liability. Most importantly your pallet rack protection and warehouse practices should safeguard the health and safety of your employees in their environment.
Damotech is a permanent pallet racking protector. The engineered inserts are configured to reinforce the integrity, stability and capacity of the existing pallet racking system, and to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure that could result in injuries and expensive insurance claims. Once a certified installation team installs Damotech pallet racking protector inserts, they are guaranteed against damage for the life of the pallet rack!
DamoTech rack repair units are custom built to order and would be shipped directly to your warehouse. With your approval we will schedule a convenient time for installation of the rack repair units by our Factory Trained and Certified installers.

Damotech, Inc. manufacturers the Damo-Pro, a unique structural kit utilized for rack repair of the damaged section of any type of racking system. The Damo-Pro has models for pushback, roller-rack, drive-in or conventional systems. A cantleg design is also available. The Damo-Easy-Lift is utilized for installation of the Damo-Pro unit on existing rack, Hardware & Related Tools & Equipment.
Damotech is now positioned to offer a complete solution applicable to any rack design or configuration. Whether itís to repair damaged racking systems or simply used for racking column reinforcement, numerous companies have experienced and benefited from the Damotech systems.
Put your racking problems to rest with the Damotech line of racking solutions and equipment. The latter offers optimal ease and convenience. By using the Easy Lift, installation can be performed easily and rapidly (under 1 hour) and there is minimal site preparation and disruption, and in most cases with minimal unloading. The Damo Easy Lift is available only to certified installers.
The Damotech system is a complete racking repair and reinforcement kit, designed to easily and rapidly replace the damaged section of a rack. It is our duty to inform the industry about efficient methods of racking repair and reinforcement while protecting the initial investment and maintaining a secure environment.
The Damotech Limited Product Warranty does not cover any defects to a Damotech Product or other failures of performance of a Damotech racking repair product if such