Our simple registration form is your doorway to the seo tools you need to build your online marketing campaigns. Most of all, our trial offer is absolutely FREE! See for yourself why MyKeywordFinder.comís powerful database will quickly become YOUR favorite Keyword Finder.
Our simple registration form is your doorway to the seo tools you need to build your online marketing campaigns. Most of all, our trial offer is absolutely FREE! See for yourself why MyKeywordFinder.comís powerful database will quickly become YOUR favorite Keyword Finder. enables you to get a relevant keyword phrase analysis quickly. Not only does it act as a Google, MSN, Yahoo and Overture keyword selector but also has new characteristics such as the Top 10 Clicks feature that helps determine the expected traffic as well as to create customized professional documents to present those findings to potential customers.
TOP 10 Clicks feature on our keyword traffic estimator calculates the total number of clicks brought to your site using that specific keyphrase per month given a Top 10 position on that specific search engine is an elaborate keyword suggestion ool giving precise results on the keyword phraseís potential for success in addition to other relative keyword phrases. Not only does provide information on the average total requests per month but also offers a detailed breakdown for Google, MSN, and Yahoo, the three most popular search engines on the Internet.
This keyword search tool simply takes what other sites have found and presenting it to you. The results are amalgamated and can be quite extensive but limited only to paid subscribers. Understanding the results can be challenging for users having not read all the definitions of the options beforehand.
My hat goes off to the creators of this incredible keyword research tool. After the first query I was instantly hooked to Having such precise results so rapidly was quite surprising. I have been using this keyword research tool to make my key word suggestions to my customers and it started paying dividends quickly.
It is nice to know that a search engine marketer like myself can rely on the precise results provided by this keyword phrase selector to provide me with the results I need to go to the customer and suggest them the keywords they need to maximize their visibility on the major search engines
My Keyword Finder enables search engine marketers to find the relevant results that are best suited for your customers needs. Highly customized search options set My Keyword Finder apart from all the rest. Our innovative Top 10 Clicks section will give you exactly how well you can expect your keywords to perform with Top 10 rankings on the major search engines!
You no longer need to determine Internet keywords based on educated guesses or unreliable sources. Search engine marketers can easily obtain precise findings on the Internet keywords that will generate leads and sales for your customers. Gone are the irrelevant queries and overpriced findings based on trial and error.
From the initial saved keywords that you selected for the google keyword search engine you can segment the key phrases you want to emphasize upon. The key phrases chosen in this section will be the terms you will recommend to your customer.
Choosing keywords that are relevant is something we continually strive to achieve here at You can help better improve the findings by sending us your log files in order to help us better calculate our probabilities.
The use of AJAX enables users greater flexibility in choosing keywords by
easily adding and removing tem from work lists without enduring long wait times. This section also allows you to save your findings in various electronic and printer-friendly formats.
I made a quick research using Overture, Wordtracker, Google Trends and AOL keyword searches and provided precise results I thought Iíd never find. also gives you information on the average total requests per month for the keyword and takes this even further by providing a google keyword analysis with its extensive breakdown of the results. Its innovative Top 10 Clicks also evaluates the traffic you can expect a specific keyword phrase to generate to your site on those top three search engines.
Welcome to the search engine jungle. Finding what you are looking fro can be quite problematic and reaching out to who really wants to see you can be a huge hurdle to overcome. Thankfully, wants to make your life easier and help resolve the problem on how to get the right keywords to the right people.

Given the fact that our business proposition deals directly with the Internet and particularly on how to get the right keywords we feel we must give something back to the search engine industry. introduces made to help search engine marketing professionals obtain a fast, relevant and customizable keyword analysis for their customers. Determining the right keyword phrases is the very core for any strong search engine-marketing program in order to increase visibility on the major search engines. uses a large keyword database that continuously adds search engine queries to the millions it already has stored acting as a keyword generator that are relevant to a particular term.
Fully customizable, the Session Info section of also enables you to present your findings by producing professional documents. This keyword research section uses the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology, the latest in Internet advancements, where page updates are made incrementally thus eliminating full page refreshes and through editing that is done simultaneously. is a powerful tool for professionals working in the keyword search strategy industry to help them determine the most relevant keyword phrases catered to meet their customersí needs. has been used by many SEO professionals for their keyword search strategy that will get them the results they seek on the major search engines.
Constant interaction with our peers allows us come up with the technological advancements in our keyword selection tool that continue to make the Internet and search engines very dynamic and the future of marketing as we see it. is a powerful keyword selection tool that is specifically catered to professionals working in the search engine optimization industry and helps determine the most relevant keyword phrases to build strong search engine marketing programs. also enables us to measure our response rate to further validate the precision of the keyword traffic estimation results. Our users opinions and instant feedback are continuously taken into consideration to further develop the database and offer the most precise finding available today.
Looking for the most searched keywords on the Internet? SEO professionals enjoy the fully customizable Session Info section of that presents their findings by producing professional documents
The results on Overture keyword suggestion are based on monthly queries unlike My
Keyword Finder that has compiled millions of queries to provide a solid foundation and
give an historical precedence on findings.