Teleperformance Canada was established in 1995. Since its inception, a team of professionals who are experts in customer relationship management has managed the company. All are directly involved in the success of our clients’ call center offshore outsourcing programs

Teleperformance Canada has built expertise in running contact center outsourcing sales programs since 1995. At Teleperformance Canada, we build, from the very first contact, an enduring relationship, backed by a service-oriented attitude and ongoing follow-up. Our contact center outsourcing enables us to bring together the benefits of market penetration, speed and operational flexibility.

Another area of change is the use of technology. Teleperformance is on the leading edge in hardware and software to provide the high level of reliability and security required by clients, including some in the security-stringent financial sector. So, for the contact center outsourcing industry, technology is an essential engine that facilitates the services the industry offers.

Teleperformance Canada, based in a 200-seat contact centre in Toronto, was established in 1995 and is now a leading provider of CRM and contact centre outsourcing. Its services encompass outbound and inbound call center sales solutions, market research, and training and outsourced teleservices, with particular expertise in the banking, insurance, telecommunications and not-for-profit sectors.

Teleperformance Canada is a provider of global call center outsourcing services specializing in customer acquisition and customer loyalty programs. The company offers many services including inbound and outbound telesales and teleservice programs including web help with full on-line interactive services such as text chat and email response. Teleperformance is also a provider of technical support programs for Tier 1 technical support services. And is suitable for large North American consumer campaigns.

The difference in our management approach is shown through our pragmatic and results focussed culture. This can be seen by the way we measure customer satisfaction, assess the additional value generated from our CRM call center technology, and monitor the performance of our teams, and therefore, of our own results.

As a major force in the Contact Centre industry in Canada for the last decade, Teleperformance has helped to shape the Canadian call center outsourcing business. Teleperformance Canada has grown to represent one of the industries premier providers of direct marketing services establishing industry benchmarks for call center outsourcing service and performance.

Teleperformance Canada offers four modes of customer service outsourcing partnerships (outsourcing, co-sourcing, buy-out & facilities management) that enables you to find the most efficient framework while refocusing on your “core business”

Whatever the size of your outsourcing contact center, Teleperformance Canada enables you to choose between 4 partnership modes depending on your objectives and your level of maturity in customer relationship management.

By outsourcing call center activities, an organization can be a very effective in servicing customers in other countries, and you can find partners in those areas that know the different rules their businesses follow. It also provides accurate, efficient support to facilitate product consumption or usage increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The success of offshore contact center outsourcing programs rests on choosing an expert organization that will develop and implement strategies that meet your specific challenges and requirements. Teleperformance Canada can offer their offshore contact center outsourcing experience and expertise in five main areas: Sales, Service, Market Research, Debt Collection and Technical Support.

At Teleperformance Canada, our bilingual call center expertise guarantees that customers are able to access your brand, and that your offers are personalized. By using Teleperformance Canada's many services including our bilingual call center, we generate a measurable Return on Investment and improve our clients' profitability, whatever their challenges and sectors of activity.

Teleperformance Canada helps you to orient your business around the needs of your customers, so that your bilingual call center service becomes the keystone of the retention process. The success of this approach involves guaranteeing access to your brand, offering truly personalized bilingual call centre services, creating a welcoming atmosphere while communicating effectively, and the bilingual call center collecting the required information about your customers, in order to efficiently respond to their needs

When considering offshore outsourcing call centers, you must remember that it must build an offer that is attractive and personalized enough to differentiate you in the eyes of consumers and enable you to win market share by recruiting new customers or reactivating old ones

Teleperformance Canada was established in 1995. Since its inception, a team of professionals who are experts in customer relationship management has managed the company. All are directly involved in the success of our clients’ call center offshore outsourcing programs

Teleperformance Canada, leader in offshore call center outsourcing, responds to your national or regional challenges by putting at your disposal 2500 workstations in 6 contact centers.

Whether or not you have already invested in the strategies and resources required to manage customer relationships through a bilingual call center bilingual Canada objectives are to identify the factors that will deliver the best Return On Investment (ROI).

Teleperformance Canada is a subsidiary of the SR Teleperformance group, the world's second largest customer contact center provider. Teleperformance Canada is a leading customer contact center provider, looking for motivated individuals to come join their team!
At Teleperformance Canada you will receive quality training and an opportunity to perfect your skills in the areas of sales, customer care and technical support.

Teleperformance Canada aims to maximize the value of your customers throughout their lifecycle, while ensuring maximum business efficiency. Teleperformance's client list, varied and balanced, positions us as an essential partner in all major industry sectors. Teleperformance Canada has built solid partnerships with the largest Canadian and international companies since its creation in 1995.

Trust the partial or full outsourcing of your CRM call center programs to a market leader like Teleperformance Canada.

Because there are no ready-made solutions, we build your CRM call centre programs by understanding your needs and drawing on our own wide-ranging expertise.

Teleperformance Canada is a business unit of SR Teleperformance, the second largest contact centre outsourcer in the world. The company a broad range of CRM call center solution services designed to maximize relationships with existing customers and create relationships with new ones. Clients include leading organizations in the banking, telecommunications, insurance, publishing, market research and not-for-profit sectors.

The continued development of your CRM call center solution rests on its contribution to the growth and profitability of the company.

Teleperformance partners with you to build economic models and run qualitative and quantitative tests; following up with the deployment and optimization of your CRM call center solution.

We believe that your most important reason for choosing to work with us should always be the quality of service we deliver. This quality is embodied by our management team that has both a proven experience in your industry sector and in the management of Call center business outsourcing plan.

The capacity to enlarge your customer base and increase its value is a major factor in the success of your company. In addition to creating a personalized CRM call center business plan for you, increasing Profitability and Return on Investment are vital concerns for every business.

Increasing the demand for your products and services through lead generation call centers, retaining your customers and lowering the cost of managing both aspects, all result from the creation of personalized relationships with your customers.