Please consult one of our experts for the installation of our folding room dividers. The look of the folding room dividers is visually appealing and can cater to any style preferences and decorating taste.

E-Z Fold® is a movable partitions wall system custom designed for large openings. The functional, precision-engineered movable partitions of E-Z Fold meet the most challenging architectural specifications and demanding work areas.

Are you in dire need to reconfigure your current office space? Your business is growing and your space requirements just cannot cope with the expansion but you do not have the time for traditional construction methods, Wouldn’t you like to find office space to give it a more modern up to date look to your clients? E-Z Fold knows that business owners and facility managers are becoming more and more concerned with lack of space and creating a professional work environment. This is why E-Z Fold came up with demountable wall systems that solve all of your interior office partition needs. Our demountable wall systems are considered to be some of the best systems on the market. All you need is a turn of a key and you’re set!

The gear motor that powers the modular wall system is a heavy duty sealed industrial motor that is designed for hundreds of stops and starts an hour. It is rated for service several orders of magnitude more severe than the service it experiences on E-Z FOLD.

As the leading manufacturer of demountable partition wall systems for various industrial and commercial requirements, we offer demountable partition wall systems specifically designed to meet your specific space needs.

Contemporary space dividers have become the most portable and flexible wall system as one large room can be divided into several different ones with unbelievable sound-reducing qualities. In today’s day and age where privacy and safe-guarding personal items has become important, the use of contemporary space dividers can separate one room into various small rooms in a very short time span.

A large room will lose its intimacy when large crowds come together. One way to create a comfortable environment is spicing the room up with room dividers with sound proof features creating various little corners or dividing it into different rooms with different functions where people can enjoy conversations and feel a bit more personal.

We strongly believe to have the best product to meet your space division with electric option needs. Do you want proof that our motorized wall systems can be suited for your specific room? Please visit our website so that you can view AutoCAD® drawings or view PDF files of 2 recently completed E-Z Fold motorized wall systems projects! We have added mechanical and electrical Details for a Full Gospel Church and the Somers High School as examples.

Please consult one of our experts for the installation of our folding room dividers. The look of the folding room dividers is visually appealing and can cater to any style preferences and decorating taste.

We can fit our folding partition divider screen under or between beams, ducts and pipes and run our cables around them. Our motor drive system can easily accommodate the most cluttered plenums and satisfy your specific project needs and limitations.

The E-Z Fold floating wall system is available in a range of finishes including stainless steel, tapestry, melamine, natural veneer, vinyl or painted steel.

E-Z Fold is ideal for any temporary partition wall application where a room barrier is required. Imagine a school gymnasium that can be divided in less than 2 minutes! Picture the arrival lounge at your local airport that is capable of segregating domestic from international arrivals. With a simple turnkey operation, the airport authorities can now reconfigure the arrival lounge to suit their specific needs instantly! E-Z Fold can also be used to limit access to restricted areas!

Give your room added space and snazzy look with E-Z Fold custom room dividers. These partitions will enhance any office space and provide the privacy you need! Affordable, resistant, and flexibility are only some of the options you may find with E-Z Fold custom room dividers.

Whatever your space problem, E-Z Fold can help you find the right solution with our custom folding partitions! You can easily modify the size of space to meet your specific space need. Most importantly, apart from providing substantially soundproofed areas, folding partitions can be used for separate activities. E-Z Fold can resolve your need to construct or expand into additional premises or can offer the potential for increased revenue.

Separate from the gear motor assembly, there is a closed loop hydraulic checking device that is powered by the shaft itself. When the panel room divider is traveling in the down position, this hydraulic checking device builds up a certain hydraulic pressure that is dependent on wall travel speed. In normal operation, this pressure is very low and this checking device offers no appreciable braking force on the panel room divider. If, at any time, the panel room divider speed is substantially higher than normal, this checking device offers sufficient braking force to lower the wall at a speed no higher than 150% of normal operating speed.

With the recent trend towards corporate downsizing or moving to new buildings, modular wall systems allow commercial and corporate establishments to produce permanent offices, conference rooms and workspaces in no time flat.

Custom manufactured, E-Z Fold modular wall systems are completely automatic, rigid, flat, and retractable. A simple turn of a key switch and E-Z FOLD modular wall systems retract quietly into the ceiling (travel is 5’ to 10’ per minute). E-Z FOLD modular wall systems have eliminated the need for manual labour to assemble   and disassemble walls as well as wall packet storage space.