<br>he ACO double wall storage tank addresses all environmental and safety<br>concerns and feature self-supporting, space saving designs. The<br>Open-Top Outer Containment configuration for the double wall storage<br>tank is also available. <br>ACO manufactures a complete chemical storage tank line, specialty<br>tanks, Transport Canada and United Nations approved shipping containers<br>as well as hopper systems for powder/granular applications. Our<br>chemical storage tank systems have been serving the chemical process<br>industry, oils/lubricant market, adhesive companies, food and beverage<br>industry and many others successfully over the past 20 years. ACO also<br>can custom design a system to suit your needs, our staff is here to<br>help you. To get more in-depth answers to your questions please contact<br>your local ACO representative.<br><br>co Container System is a manufacturer of polyethylene tank products<br>and containers for the storage, processing and transportation of bulk<br>material for the food, chemical, petrochemical and water treatment<br>industries. You can choose from one of the many polyethylene tank<br>products offered by ACO Container! Whether its a Closed Top Tanks,<br>Open Top Tanks, Conical Bottom Tanks, Slope Bottom Tanks, Tote Barrels, Round Tanks, IBC's and Hoppers, Secondary Containment Basins, Double Wall Storage Tanks or Horizontal Tanks, ACO has what you require for your storage needs!<br><br>The ACO Horizontal polyethylene tank is a durable, one-piece construction that has a manway openings for easy access. This polyethylene tank is U.V. Stabilized for sunlight protection and has excellent resistance. to chemicals and corrosion Manufactured from LLDPE (Linear Polyethylene). XLPE (Cross Linked Polyethylene) available<br><br>CO Container systems offers a complete range of gas and liquid storage tanks<br>to meet your specific needs! Plastic tanks this manufacturer produces<br>include chemical tanks, polypropylene tanks, double wall storage tanks,<br>plastic storage tank and chemical storage tanks. <br><br>ACO Conical Bottom liquid storage tanks assure excellent chemical and<br>corrosion resistance. and total Drainage. These liquid storage tanks<br>are made of a durable, one-piece seamless construction. Specific<br>gravity of 1.5 (1.9 or 2.2 available upon request). Manufactured from<br>LLDPE (linear Polyethelene) plastic and the XLPE (cross-linked<br>Polyethylene) is also available.<br>For more than 20 years, ACO has been recognized as one of the leading<br>manufacturers of quality rotationally moulded products. ACO bulk<br>storage tanks, moulded in premium grade linear or cross-linked<br>polyethylene, provide a wide range of sizes and capacities to suit all<br>applications. ACO bulk storage tanks, moulded products are made under a tough quality control standard to ensure that you get a reliable and<br>consistent product.<br><br>ACO double-wall bulk storage tanks possess great features which address<br>all environmental and safety concerns. Double wall bulk storage tanks<br>have a great self-supporting feature with a design made for space<br>saving. You can also request your tank with an open-top outer<br>containment configuration.<br>ACO Container Systems offers their customers intermediate bulk<br>containers (IBCs) that have become the most widespread method of<br>handling & transporting liquids in advanced countries of Europe and in the United States. In a nutshell, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are transportation units that are usually synonymous with larger weights and also incur higher shipping cost both incoming and out-bound.<br>ACO Container Systems specializes in plastic tanks. Our products include<br>polyethylene tanks, fiberglass tanks, double wall, corrosion-resistant,<br>fabricated and bulk storage tanks. We serve a wide range of industries<br>and markets with high-quality, cost-effective plastic tanks.<br><br>ACO Container Systems supplies a full range of fittings and accessories<br>for all of our plastic tanks. Attention to detail, careful manufacture,<br>premium materials, and rigorous quality control ensure the<br>functionality and reliability of our products. We supply ball valves,<br>quick disconnects and welded connections, flanged connections, bulkhead<br>fittings, combination vents, manway Lids, and threaded lids.<br>ACO Container Systems, operating from Pickering, Ontario, <br>produces a line of polyethylene basins and steel stand teams for use with IBCs and tanks of all shapes. General secondary containment capacity guidelines are to have a minimum of 110% of the intended primary container the IBC in this case. ACO manufactures a<br>300 imperial gallon basin for this application. Inner tanks unique<br>dome interlocks with outer tanks side wall to seal secondary<br>containment area from unwanted materials. Lifting lug assemblies,<br>designed to hold up to twice the empty tanks weight, are standard.<br><br>It takes quite some time to empty an intermediate bulk container (IBC) <br>and the risk of leaks or bad spills exists while the polyethylene<br>containers are attached to the equipment. Should the hose fail or be<br>pulled off the IBC, the entire polyethylene container could drain if<br>unattended. More common is a simple leak, which tends to damage floors<br>and frustrate plant maintenance personnel. All have the potential to be<br>costly and very dangerous.