When working on a chair lift always disconnect the charge transformer
from the mains and only reconnect when the chair lift is fully working.
The board is sensitive to static charge. To avoid damage, touch a metal
surface on the lift to discharge yourself of static charge but do not
touch the IC chips. Please handle the board with care. Do make sure you
double check the connections to the motor and battery before switching
on. Power up delay.
Home Elevator is a manufacturer and designer of equipment that facilitates
the mobility of all people with special needs. We manufacture safe,
reliable and easy to use residential elevators, vertical and inclined
wheelchair platform lifts, curved stairlifts and straight stairlifts.
Home Elevator stands behind its line of products which meet standard
safety requirements for various countries around the world. Our
products are distributed in North America, South America, Europe
and Australia.
We offer a full range of custom design residential and commercial
wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, and wheel chair elevator products. Robertson Custom Elevators, a subsidiary of Home Elevator Corp., ensures that its customers’ expectations are met by delivering superior, high quality stair lift and elevator products and customer service
at very competitive prices. This process begins with a clear
understanding of our customers’ needs and wants and a firm
commitment to set the standard for the industry.
Home Elevator’s product line includes stairlifts, inclined lifts, vertical lift products and outdoor lifts, for residential and/or commercial buildings. Home Elevator functions as the designer, assembler, quality controller, subcontracting most of the manufacturing and processing requirements.
Home Elevator B.07 stairlifts are equipped with a safety brake that will
prevent the carriage from going down in the event of a chain rupture.
Safety switches installed on B.07 stairlifts stop the carriage when it
reaches the top or bottom of the stairway. The footrest incorporates
obstruction sensors which will stop the carriage if an obstacle is
encountered on the stairs. If this should occur, press the opposite
side of the “UP/DOWN” control switch to run the carriage in the
opposite direction. Clear the obstacle from the stairway and proceed as
usual. B.07 stairlifts will not run if the position of the seat is
different than the normal traveling position. (90° degrees)

Home Elevator's Step-Saver stairlift is quite simply the best technology in
stair lifts available today. If handling stairs in your home is difficult or unsafe, let the Home Elevator stair lift save you the trouble and pain of struggling up and down.
The growth strategy of Home Elevator is to increase market share through
various methods. Firstly, through selected acquisitions of key
distributors for stair elevator and lift products; (2) by
strategically aligning itself with proven dealer/distribution networks
and sales and marketing partnership with large retail chains. Growth
will also be inform of being highly selective in adding complimentary
stair elevator products to its already comprehensive product offering.
There are also plans to expand in the western U.S. and Canada.
The ES-125 is a residential lift used with a straight run staircase.
This residential lift can be installed indoors or outdoors and can be
custom built to fit different architectural requirements. Variations of this residential lift model, the ES-125P and ES-125Plus, are designed for public buildings such as schools, churches, restaurants, nursing homes, municipal buildings and community centers.
Home Elevator's Step-Saver possesses is quite simply the best power chair lift technology available on the market. If climbing stairs in your house is problematic or unsafe, let the Home Elevator power chair lift save you the hassle and worries of struggling to move through your house.
Home Elevator Corporation www.home, one of North America’s leading
mobility aids companies that facilitate and ensures mobility for the
physically challenged, announced the acquisition, in an all cash
transaction, of Robertson Custom Elevators presently located in
Cobourg, Ontario.
Home Elevator manufactures commercial and residential handicapped lifts,
aluminum/Plexiglass Enclosed Vertical for Outdoor Use, the Telecab
residential elevator as well as stair lifts and stair handicapped lift.

it is very advisable to have an inspector check out the installation of
any handicapped lift. There are potential hazards from handicapped lift
devices that are set up. Owners of homes with power-driven residential
elevators, chair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and stairway lifts should be
on the lookout and have a valid state safety inspection done to their
handicapped lift.

The ES-125 handicap lift goes up but does not come down: Firstly, begin
by verifying the underpan sensor. Pull down on it to ensure that the
pan is not stuck in the activated position. Then try testing the flap
on the lower part of the handicap lift. Move it to ensure the switch
(if equipped) is not stuck in the activated position.
Home Elevator is an elevator manufacturer and also a distributor of stair glides, vertical stair lifts, elevators, and vertical platform lifts for residential use. A residential elevator or stair lift is something that must be sturdy as you must depend on it on a daily basis. Home Elevator is a Canadian elevator manufacturer that puts its elevators and chairlifts through rigorous testing on quality control and has high service standards to uphold. An elevator is an important mechanical device that you rely on each and every time you use it so trust a company like Home Elevator to meet your needs.

Home Elevator, one of North America's leading disability accessibility
companies, prides itself on delivering reliable accessibility products

The introduction of the "ULTIMO", an elevator for the residential and
condominium market for people having disabled mobility, has been
extremely well received as evidenced by orders received to date. The
"ULTIMO" was introduced in January 2004. In the Montreal market,
Home Elevator's sales and marketing efforts have generated firm orders for 24
"ULTIMO" elevators. These elevators will be installed within the next
12 months by our installation team in Montreal. Through its dealers,
Home Elevator has already completed installations of "ULTIMO" elevators in
California, New York and Massachusetts. Our more than 300 North
American dealers recognize the quality of the "ULTIMO" with its high
quality components, user-friendly installation and easy maintenance.

Home Elevator offers the Stairfriend curved stair lift, a stair lift designed
for residential use. The innovative design of the Stairfriend stair
lift makes it the ideal companion for people with mobility needs... and
all at a friendly price!  

"When climbing the stairs of my home became a struggle, I'm glad my
'Stairfriend' curved stair lift was there to help. Just when I thought
I'd have to limit my activities to one level,  or have to move, this
ideal companion allows me to once again enjoy all areas of my home.
Thank you Home Elevator!"
At Home Elevator, we know that word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients
is the most valuable promotion out there. This is why every customer
purchasing one of the many products we offer including chairlifts,
platform lifts, stairlifts, and residential elevators is very important
to us and the proper installation and functionality of any Home Elevator
products is of the utmost importance.
When working on a chair lift always disconnect the charge transformer
from the mains and only reconnect when the chair lift is fully working.
The board is sensitive to static charge. To avoid damage, touch a metal
surface on the lift to discharge yourself of static charge but do not
touch the IC chips. Please handle the board with care. Do make sure you
double check the connections to the motor and battery before switching
on. Power up delay.
Thank you for inquiry on a Home Elevator product, specifically one of our
B.07 chair lifts. All the Home Elevator team hopes you will have a great time
installing our chair lift. If you have any trouble during the
installation, do not hesitate to call us at our toll free number and we
will be pleased to help.
Home Elevator, one of North America's leading disability accessibility
companies, prides itself on delivering reliable accessibility products
and unrivalled customer service. The company designs, manufactures and
distributes top-of-the-line accessibility equipment including straight
stair lifts, curved stair lifts, inclined and vertical wheelchair platform lifts, and last but not least, residential elevators.
Home Elevator manufactures and distributes safe, reliable and easy to use
vertical platform lifts, inclined wheel chair lifts, curved stair
lifts, straight stair lifts and the new Telecab residential elevator lift
for your disabled mobility needs.
Millions of North Americans are affected by disabilities that limit
their mobility. Physically challenged people encounter many obstacles
each day. Barriers such as stairs raised building entrances and steep
inclines deny access to public buildings and even to parts of their own
homes. The handicap accessibility equipment industry seeks to remedy
these barriers by providing mobility solutions to the elderly and
disabled. The industry constitutes manufacturers of stairway lifts,
vertical platform lifts, inclined platform lifts residential elevators
and limited use or limited application elevators designed to enhance
mobility of the disabled and elderly individual.
The Home Elevator corporation welcomes you it www.home To meet your
budget requirements, we bring the largest selection of handicapped
equipment products specializing only in elevating devices for the
physically challenged. We offer the best cost effective and reliable
CSA-approved handicapped equipment in the industry.
Home Elevator, a leading mobility aids company, emphasizes on delivering
reliable accessibility products and quality customer service. Home Elevator
corp. designs, manufactures and distributes top-of-the-line handicapped
equipment including straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, inclined
and vertical wheel chair platform lifts, and home elevators.
The unique drive and platform lift combinations of the V-1504 vertical
wheel chair platform lift allows for rapid delivery and ease of installation in respect to any architectural requirements.
Home Elevator recently launched the "Ultimo" Residential Elevator, making
Home Elevator has brought a total of nine products to the market, all of
which are submitted to, and meet the requirements of Canadian Standards Association ("CSA") or American Society of Mechanical Engineers
HOME ELEVATORS SERVICE. warrants to the original consumer
purchaser of this Home Elevator stair chair lift, that the company will
repair or exchange, at its option, any part of the stair chair lift
that fails by reason of defective material or workmanship as follows: Ř
Repair or replace parts for a period of 30 months from date of stair
chair lift purchase. This warranty does not cover labour charges
incurred in the removal, repair or replacement of parts. To obtain
warranty service, you must promptly notify the Home Elevator dealer from whom
the stair chair lift was purchased, within the warranty period.
B.07 Stair lift Residential & Commercial Access:
The Home Elevator B.07 can meet a wide variety of accessibility needs. This versatile stair lift for straight stairways can be built for both indoors or
outdoors, residential or commercial use, AC or battery power, with an
optional capacity upgrade. AC

“The B.07 stairlift has made our senior home safer and more convenient for
many residents and visitors who have trouble with stairs.”

Standard Equipment
• Aluminum extruded rail
• 45° and 90° swivel seat at top and bottom landings
• Adjustable seat height
• Adjustable footrest height
• Swivel seat handle (reversible side)
• 120 VAC operating system with traveling cable
• Seat belt with positive locking mechanism
• Flip-up padded armrests
• Constant pressure control switch on armrest (reversible side)
• Wall mounted call/send controls
• Obstruction sensors
• Unit is completely reversible on site for quick installation
• Safety brake on carriage
ABS plastic carriage covers
Home Elevator's Step-Saver, which is a stairlift for residential use, has many
unique features including fast and easy installation, smooth ride, battery
operation, remote control accessibility, minimal step area intrusion (only
6 inches), 30 month warranty and extremely competitive pricing.

Step-Saver stairlift standard equipment

*Rack and pinion drive
*Rigid and compact aluminum extrusion rail
*Support posts anchored to stair treads (not mounted on wall)
*300 lb (136 kg) capacity
*"Almond beige" seat and rail
*Adjustable width between armrests from 18" to 21" wide (457 to 533 mm)
*1/2 hp, 24 VDC motor
*Battery-powered 24-volt motor
*Pair of 12-volt, maintenance-free batteries
*Charger plugged in at top or bottom landing
110 VAC, 60 Hz outlet
*Electronic controller with soft start and soft stop
*Fused control circuit
*Wireless infrared call-send controls at both landings
*Continuous pressure buttons
*Aluminum rail on 6" (152 mm) from wall
*3" (76 mm) rail overhang at top landing with seat height of 18" (457 mm)
*22 1/2" (572 mm) seat height at bottom landing
*Adjustable seat height
*Unit is completely reversible on site for quick installation
*Lateral adjustment on footrest for uneven treads
*Foldable footrest, seat and padded armrests
*Seat that swivels and locks in 45° and 90° positions both directions
*Seatbelt and seat swivel switch
*ABS plastic covers
*Obstacle sensors under footrest and on carriage

Home Elevator Corporation offers a full range of wheelchair lifts, elevators
and stairway lift products that are enabling our clients to overcome
barriers in their homes. 

If climbing a flight of stairs has become an arduous task, there are now great alternatives to get where you need to be with great ease
without using steps. A great method is the stairway lift--a seat that moves
along a rail on one wall of the flight of stairs which allows the user
to go up or down while being seated. Certain restrictions apply for a
number of users as it is not recommended to transfer a person confined
to a wheel chair to the stairway lift. Getting the wheelchair up- or
downstairs and making the change once again can be quite a hassle for
everyday tasks such as carrying groceries, packages, and/or laundry from floor to floor.
Home Elevator introduces the Multilift wheel chair vertical platform lift. It
has been carefully designed to provide easy access for the physically
challenged. The ACME screw drive system offers a safe and reliable
operation for its users. This ruggedly constructed lift has been proven
for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Home Elevator offers the V-1504 vertical platform wheel chair lift, the most
versatile wheel chair lift on the market. For the first time in the
industry it is possible to actually equip the same drive system with
several different platform configurations. Due to its versatile design,
the V-1504 vertical wheel chair lift can be installed indoors or
outdoors in both residential or public buildings.