Electroswitch acquired the crl/ Centralab rotary switch lines in 1992.
Looking for those old crl / Centralab rotary switch products? Electroswitch
has added their products to their existing lines which are now known as
Series D and E. The D series are one-time crl open frame rotary
Electroswitch Electronic Products offers a complete line of miniature
switches: pushbutton, rocker and the toggle switch. Electroswitch
acquired these lines from the Commercial Controls Division of Eaton in
December of 1999. All these switches are manufactured in the Raleigh,
North Carolina plant.

All the new toggle switch combinations are produced at our plant in
Raleigh, NC and you get the value of over 55 years of Electroswitch
quality. In the coming months we plan to further expand our miniature
switch line to include competitive crosses for rockers and washables.
From critical applications like life support systems and massive data
communications centers to every day necessities like street lighting,
people depend on the performance of an electrical switch. When you
select a switch or relay from Electroswitch, you’re gaining the benefit
of over 50 years of experience. The primary supplier of rugged,
high-quality products for electrical utilities, nuclear power plants
and the U.S. Navy, Electroswitch has the knowledge to meet the
intricacies of any application with quality, reliability and
performance. With Electroswitch, there’s... “Never A Doubt”.

When we say we have a full line of products we mean exactly that. Our
switches and relays are built in three family groups: Detent, Cam
Action, and Snap Action. Within the Detent and Cam Action groups we
combine manual and remote or SCADA operated designs with standard
components in almost limitless configurations to provide literally
millions of different models. The objective is not to see how many
different switches we can build, but to allow you to choose without
compromise or tradeoff the best switch for your particular applications.

This latest acquisition of the Eaton miniatures follows the previous
purchases of switch lines from Stackpole, Shallcross, ASM and Centralab
(crl). Electroswitch is "Brand Central" for these hard to find

Electroswitch announced a new design for the C4 Series (formerly
stackpole). Although the C4 is an enclosed switch, many customers have
asked for a completely sealed unit. Underwriters Laboratories
International Demko (Denmark) has tested this new product to IP67.
The intrusion protection (IP) rating, defined by the International
Electrotechnical Commission in publication IEC 529, is a comparative
rating indicating the extent to which equipment is protected against
the ingress of dust and water. The rating consists of the "IP" prefix
follow by two digits. The first digit, "6", indicates a dust tight
rating and the second digit, "7", indicates protection against the
effects of immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.
Without doubt, a conformally coated stackpole C4 switch will reliably
operate in harsh environments of dust and moisture.
Find the miniature pushbutton switch you are looking for! PS Series
Sensitive (Snap Action) pushbutton switch has momentary action comes
with several options of caps and bezels. Can go up to 5 Amp 125 VAC
contact rating. The PB Series Standard Pushbutton Switch is offered in
maintained or momentary action, and comes available with either Plunger
and Panel seals. Carries up to 6 Amp 125 VAC contact rating. The B8000
Series Sub Miniature pushbutton switch has momentary action, wave
solderable and is available with latch down features. The SA Series
Ultra Miniature Pushbutton switch collection has momentary Action and a
.250" diameter. Lastly, the SB Series of keylite pushbutton switches
has SB Series has momentary action, comes either Illuminated or
Non-Illuminated, and has many sizes and colors of caps available.
Electro Switch Corporation has completed the acquisition of the
OakGrigsby business from the Appliance Controls Group, Inc. This
acquisition expands the products offered by Electroswitch to include an
encoder line, solenoids, an expansion of our open frame rotary switches
and a number of specialty products sold to the military and US Postal

Electroswitch has an extensive encoder offering, both optical and
mechanical , as well as rotary switches, illuminated pushbutton
switches and indicators, and value added assemblies. The MM P/Rel
mechanical encoder series represents the best in contemporary rotary
technology, and reflects the high standards of reliability which have
made OakGrigsby rotary devices known worldwide. At only.865" square,
these compact switches have up to 36 positions and adapt to numerous
design requirements. Strong, electron-welded PC terminations permit
easy insertion into printed circuit boards.
Electroswitch acquired the crl/ Centralab rotary switch lines in 1992.
Looking for those old crl / Centralab rotary switch products? Electroswitch
has added their products to their existing lines which are now known as
Series D and E. The D series are one-time crl open frame rotary
Electroswitch Electronic Products, an ISO 9001 registered company,
recently built a new test laboratory for comprehensive performance
testing, safety verification, catalog verification, and life-cycle
analysis for its line of rotary and miniature switches such as the
pushbutton, rocker and the paddle switch. Electroswitch acquired the
miniature-switch product line from Eaton Corp. in Dec.
1999. The new expansion, adds approximately 3,000 sq ft to the
company's existing test facility
Electroswitch Electronic Products Division was established in 1986 as a
new division of Electro Switch Corporation, which celebrated its 50th
anniversary in 1996. The Electronic Products Division designs and
manufactures high quality switch products for electronic applications.
Today, OEMs can choose from the industry's widest range of standard and
custom electromechanical rotary switches, and paddle and rocker switch
lines. With skilled, experienced design engineers, the Electronic
Products Division has the unique ability to offer custom designed
switches to precisely fit virtually any customer requirement in
hundreds of applications.

Electroswitch Control Switch Relays (CSR) combine the function of a
control switch with a remote controlled solenoid allowing one device to
do both the manual and supervisory control function in the control of
power circuit breakers. They eliminate the need to redesign substations
for redundant separate relays when manual substations convert to
supervisory control. CSRs provide manual or electric control switch
operation by supervisory control. The CSR looks, acts, and feels
identical to a control switch.

As a leading rotary switch manufacturer, Electroswitch Electronic
Products offers a complete, vertically integrated, manufacturing and
assembly facility dedicated to producing rotary switches. Factory
assembly cells enable faster throughput, shorter lead times, and
improved quality. Our plant features complete in-house machine tooling
equipment, including CNC screw machines, metal stamping and plastic

Electroswitch has introduced its "Smart lighted nameplate designed to
be used with a wide selection of Electroswitch switches and relays. The
nameplate incorporates up to three indicator LEDs and one output
contact into a traditional nameplate footprint. It provides a means to
easily monitor and display the status of multiple events and to trigger
annunciation or device activation within a system.