Superior engineering and consistent on-time delivery have made Proceco
a leader in aqueous parts washers, providing innovative solutions that
offer greater competitive advantage for our customers worldwide.
A vacuum dryer is used when critical processes require absolutely dry
parts and is best suited for removing thin water films that cover
the entire workpiece surface. Pooled water or filled blind holes will
not dry quickly with the vacuum process. A regenerative blow-off for
rough drying is typically installed upstream in this case. The vacuum
system is the most energy efficient system available, requires minimum
floor space and no exhaust connections outside the plant.

The Proceco Vacuum Dryer is a top-loading vertical cylinder with a
hydraulically operated clamshell-type lid. The dryer is designed to
operate in conjunction with a Proceco Turntable Washer. Horizontal,
through-feed models are also available.
The Proceco Typhoon - MB incorporates rugged construction with
state-of-the-art cleaning technology resulting in the most comprehensive spray belt aqueous cleaning system on the market today. What’s more, because the Proceco typhoon - MB is based on versatile pre-engineered modular platforms, we can deliver your tailor-made system with the fastest lead-time in the industry.

The Typhoon - HD is ideally suited for manufacturing and maintenance
applications involving chip and coolant removal, de-oiling, phosphating, rust proofing, rust stripping, paint stripping, degreasing, dirt and carbon removal, rinsing and drying.
For over 25 years, Proceco has been a quality supplier of standardized
parts washers: turntable cabinets, belts and monorails of all kinds and
descriptions, shuttles and reciprocating nozzles, drums, spray
immersion machines, and some very specialized, custom-engineered
precision washers.
At Proceco, we provide innovative solutions that extend upstream and
downstream, beyond parts cleaning, taking a comprehensive systems
approach that optimizes performance and cost-efficiency for your
application. We take single-source responsibility for the development
of your system, providing end-to-end project management that ensures we will have your equipment up and running on time, and on budget.
With 110 employees in 48,000 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art manufacturing
and test facility in Montreal, Proceco dedicates a wealth of human and
technical resources to providing single-source integrated cleaning
solutions that lead the industry for their productivity and reliability
When you partner with Proceco, you are placing the single-source
responsibility your integrated cleaning solution in the hands of
experts. Since 1975, we have installed more than 6000 systems
worldwide, engineered to meet the performance requirements of the most
demanding applications and environments.
Proceco’s heavy-duty turntable power-spray washer, dubbed the HD
Typhoon, is designed to clean and rinse large parts (2000-20,000 lb.)
or small parts batches loaded in baskets. More than just one of the
many degreasers on the market, applications for the washer include
degreasing, surface treatment and phosphating. This machine has
features to extend solution life and reduce waste-disposal costs. It
uses hot, low-concentration detergent solutions to clean parts.
Our mission is to proactively apply our leading expertise in machine
design, engineering and aqueous washers to offer superior, integrated
cleaning solutions to the automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing,
pharmaceutical and rail & transit industries worldwide, and to
continually improve our products, processes and services in order to
exceed the most demanding expectations of our customers. The success of our mission relies on the following core values: When cleaning with
aqueous washers, workpiece drying is an essential element of the
process. Level of dryness required varies from simply removing excess
water to prevent spills and maintain a clean, safe work environment, to
dry for critical processes such as thermal deburring, leak testing and
Superior engineering and consistent on-time delivery have made Proceco
a leader in aqueous parts washers, providing innovative solutions that
offer greater competitive advantage for our customers worldwide.
Productivity is improved when cleaning is decentralized. With the
Proceco PC, each work center has aqueous spray washers handy, filled
with the right chemical, and programmed to execute the exact process
required to move the part to the next step in your operation. The
Proceco PC offers the same high quality found in all Proceco products,
as well as proven performance at a reduced price. Standard catalogue
item aqueous spray washers will not reliably meet any strict
cleanliness specifications. For precision cleaning special features
must be added or an entirely new system specifically engineered for the
application may be required.

Proceco is a cleaning solution company, built on engineering know-how.
With one of the industry's highest ratios of engineers to manufacturing
staff, our philosophy is simple: design, build and integrate superior,
innovative cleaning systems that deliver unparalleled performance,
reliability and value.
Proceco offers a proven track record in the rail & transit industry
that has lasted for more than 25 years. As a key industry partner we
have helped modernize maintenance cleaning, replacing harmful chemicals and manual processes with environmentally friendly automated industrial cleaning equipment. To allow for the frequent production changes demanded by the industry's short product life cycles, our equipment is flexible by design. Proceco industrial cleaning equipment incorporates precise process control, and "smart" features such as self-monitoring, diagnosing and tracking to achieve the absolute minimum of in-process defects.
Superior engineering and consistent on-time delivery have made Proceco
a leader in water-based parts cleaners, providing innovative
solutions that offer greater competitive advantage for our customers

All Proceco parts cleaners are factory tested to provide the greatest
advantage of all: peace of mind. Side access door Facilitates
inspection of nozzle orientation.
Over the past decade, Proceco has moved beyond the basic parts washer.
We've acquired the necessary know-how and technology to offer
single-source, integrated and automated post-machining solutions. We've
applied our expertise to developing cleaning equipment with more
integration and sophistication than ever before.

Proceco solutions go beyond parts washing to include a wide range of
post-machining operations. Our pre-engineered modular platforms enable
us to customize your system with a vast array of features and options
that deliver unmatched quality and productivity.
Since 1975, Proceco has been offering quality products and services such as metal parts cleaning machinery, industrial parts washers, aqueous parts washers, ultrasonic cleaner and industrial cleaning equipment. Proceco serves a many industries and various markets.