BELL MOBILITY (monthly, yearly cell phone plans)

WirelessWave strategically partners with Rogers Wireless, Bell
Mobility, and FIDO (Microcell Solutions) to ensure quality network
activations and superior customer care. Bell Mobility's monthly service is all inclusive and there are services to meet your needs.
Having problems choosing among the vast array of wireless phones? WirelessWave offers its customers the unique opportunity to activate their phone purchase on their network preference. It is this ability to provide customers with an unbiased, informed choice that keeps the number of referral customers at an all-time high. Those customers who want to do additional research on their own can utilize the WirelessWave website to explore and compare for themselves the carrier rate plans and the most up-to-date promotions for wireless phones.
The Sony Ericsson P800 is la creme de la creme of cell phone technology
as it possesses some great features. You can easily take a picture of a loved one and save it as their Incoming Call Picture; You can create sophisticated animations, view movie clips and enjoy stereo sound on the headphones. This is the new millennium of cell phone usage!
Why choose prepaid cell phones you ask? Firstly, you can take the
minutes you purchase and spread them over many months, usually two or
three, and can be beneficial for those who donít use their cell phone
all that much. It alleviates the hassle of paying a fixed monthly fee
that can be expensive for those not really needing it.

Motorola cell phone model C333 is a compact, easy to use phone that has
many features. Stay close with friends and family using its enhanced
messaging service. Choose the color of your phone with the many
convertible covers it has to offer, and the animated, iconic menu
provides a simplified user interface while being visually exciting.
What are you waiting for to buy one a cell phone for your busy lifestyle? Did you know that in 2002, one in five people used cell phones - a significant leap from the 1 in 237 that used cell phones in 1992. Cellular phones are bridging the telephonic gap between that once existed between the wealthy and the poor. Building phone towers helps create an infrastructure to better serve a larger clientele and the expansion of cell phones in many countries and in the African continent.
WirelessWave is a dynamic communications company that operates 50
retail locations across Canada. We offer a wide range of products,
services and cell phone accessories from Rogers AT & T, Fido and Bell
SAMSUNG Telecommunications America (SAMSUNG) is the third biggest manufacturer of cell phones in the U.S. Samsung has come up with three different consumer categories for its Samsung cell phones. Firstly is the fashion-conscious person who wants style and substance from their cell phone without forgetting about advanced technological capabilities.
There is then the category of users who are more performance driven and seek business and personal productivity and their phone should help with that. Lastly, there's the no-frills type of people who need cell phones for basic communication and might use feature-rich products to alleviate any hassles normally found when trying to reach somebody over the phone.
WirelessWave strategically partners with Rogers Wireless, Bell
Mobility, and FIDO (Microcell Solutions) to ensure quality network
activations and superior customer care. Bell Mobility's monthly service is all inclusive and there are services to meet your needs.
In 2002, Rogers Wireless named WirelessWave their National Retail
Partner of the Year for delivering a high level of knowledge, value,
and service to its subscribers. Rogers Wireless is one of Canada's
leading communications service providers that serves customers from coast to coast.
Looking for the right cell phone to suit your lifestyle? Try one of the
various Siemens cell phones Wirelesswave has to offer. Take model M55
for example. Fight boredom with the many add-ons it has to offer.
Express your artistic freedom with the integrated "Cubasis" Mobile
Synthesizer* and surprise everybody with your musical talent and
compose your own unique ringtone! It also has a striking and
cool-dynamic design that demands attention. The M55 is also equipped
with such cool features as voice control, voice dialing, voice memo and
the ever-useful hands-free talking option. Lastly, stand out from the
rest by opting for the QuickPic Camera clip-on with integrated flash.
Cell phone rates vary with the service provider you use and the package
you decide to take. WirelessWave has a dedicated staff to help you
determine the right package and phone for you in accordance to your
price range, use of the cell phone, and product specifications you want
on your cell phone. Cell phone now have text messaging, integrated
cameras, Internet usage and many more useful attributes to meet your
needs. Our staff will help you find the best service among all the cell
phone rates for you.
WirelessWave is unique in that we offer a wide range of wireless products, services and accessories from Rogers AT&T, Fido cell phone and Bell Mobility. Wirelesswave offers many purchasing options with the Fido cell phone including the simple Fido Prepaid Service that lets you buy your air time in advance and fill up your account anytime at your convenience.
Nokia mobile phones continue to offer up-to-the-minute technology.
Nokia model 3586i device is the newest member of Nokia's CDMA handset
lineup and gives customers with the latest in fashionable design with
the opportunity to change the front and back covers, personalized
features, and customizable ringtones.
Prepaid wireless service allows you to buy minutes in advance of use.
It is a good solution for those who want to budget their phone usage,
or for customers who may have credit issues or do not feel comfortable
providing information for a carrier credit check. offers the major wireless phone service providers for its Canadian clientele. Choose from many different phones by Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung, and LG offered by wireless providers Rogers Wireless, Bell Mobility, Telus, and Fido. We have the appropriate wireless phone service plan for you whether it'S prepaid, monthly basis
or 1 or 2 year contractual basis. Many options can be offered such as unlimited weekend calling, unlimeited evenings, flexible time rates, etc.