Unilock ® products are made to revitalize your backyard landscaping
environment. Using Unilock ® wall systems for backyard landscaping
applications such as retaining walls, steps and outdoor patios to and
garden will add beauty to any home. Unilock products are specifically
designed to create an inviting outdoor environment. Unilock products
were developed to complement and enhance the look and quality of
backyard landscaping elements such as pools, trees and patios. Whether
creating a classic elegant look or incorporating simple modern style in
your environment, there is a Unilock product and approach to design
that is perfect for you.
Finding the right contractor to install Unilock walkways, driveways,
or patio can be a difficult time consuming task. Unilock makes it just
that much easier for you by being able to recommend a quality
contractor to you. Through Unilock’s Authorized Contractor Program, you
will be able to have a greater peace of mind. These independent
contractors have been screened and their workmanship has been monitored and reviewed.
Unilock, North America’s premier paver and retaining walls manufacturer
has been producing concrete unit pavers for over 28 years and has
developed an expertise which is second to none. The outstanding
collection of standard textured pavers have become the standard among
many installers and do-it-yourselfer’s alike. Take your time and browse
the various options we have available. All Unilock concrete products
come with a Lifetime Guarantee*

Unilock retaining walls are by far the most superior in North America.
Our wall systems along with the unparalleled engineering support,
provide you with peace of mind for every project. From initial design
right through installation, our trained representatives will help you
along the way! Take a moment and view the products and videos and see
exactly what we’re talking about.

Primarily, retaining walls are used to secure a grade or to terrace
areas for creating additional usable space. Unilock manufactures a line
of retaining walls that handle most types of residential, commercial and
heavy duty industrial applications. For larger jobs, we provide
engineering software and have design services available to assist
Unilock provides a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of
its paving stones to the original purchaser of the product for
residential use. Material installed using our installation guidelines
that proves defective, will be replaced without cost. Color matching
cannot be guaranteed and replacement labor is not included. Proof of
purchase is required.

Restraints are an important part of the paving stones pavement system.
They hold pavers tightly together, enabling consistent interlock of the
units throughout the entire pavement. They prevent the pavers from
spreading apart under horizontal traffic forces and from minor
settlement. They can take the form of existing structures such as
buildings, curbs, etc.

Over 25 years ago Unilock® introduced patio stones to North America
and continues to lead the industry in product innovation and the
development and education of contemporary design methodologies. Our
regard for realizing the highest quality in all aspects of our business
remains foremost in our plans for the future.
A place for family get-togethers and a place to relax is what describes
wonderfully designed backyard patio. Larger sized brick patios are
great if you plan to host large group socials. The beautiful
surrounding landscape adds a wonderful softening to the patio brick

Grab your favorite book and curl up on the wicker sofa to enjoy your
pretty patio brick escape. The warm tones of Brussels Block helps
create a relaxed outdoor patio brick room.
Garden Stone's charming, light weight wall design is ideally suited for
smaller application areas. Its natural landscaping split face
appearance adds a finished touch to any landscaping stones design. A
self aligning rear lip and automatic set-back allows stable, hassle
free installation. Garden Stone's flexible design accommodates both
curved and straight walls.

Using Il Campo® landscaping stones with it's warm color and wonderful
texture with Brussels Block® trim has allowed many homeowners to create
interesting landscapes. They have used Brussels Dimensional Stone® steps and inlaid the Il Campo® to carry the color to the front door.
Garden paving from Unilock give you the flexibility to design
everything from simple garden borders to more elaborate terraced garden
designs. Each product has it's own unique attributes which will help
you achieve the desired result. Many garden paving styles also allow
you to construct simple one or two steps which you can also incorporate
into the design. Unilock garden paving are available in a variety of
colors complementing the colors available in our extensive paving stone
line. Take a moment and view the various options and see which garden
paving is right for you
Unilock flagtone products can be laid in a wide variety of patterns and
combinations for great-looking patios, outdoor decks, and walkways.
A good installation for your flagstone will provide years of pleasure
and outdoor living enjoyment. By selecting one of the categories above,
you can get a closer look at some basic installation techniques for
Unilock flagstone products. You can also view our videos online,
or simply order your own video copy to review at your convenience.
A quality that driveway pavers possess is their incredible load-bearing
strength. Each driveway paver transmits a load laterally, supporting
adjacent pavers which in turn are supported by neighbouring driveway
pavers, interlocking them together. Unilock pavers are manufactured in
a controlled environment and have nearly three times the PSI
compressive strength of usual poured-in-place concrete and maintain a
high degree of seasonal flexibility making them an ideal design
solution for driveway surfaces.

Driveway curbs can be modified for a specified fee by the municipality
or an approved contractor. Check with your local authorities. widening
a driveway entrance by using driveway pavers can significantly improve
your design in both appearance and practicality. For driveway pavers
installation, the removal of asphalt is sometimes best done by
excavating contractors who have the equipment and the permits for
disposal. Use your manpower for actual installation.
Unilock brick pavers are manufactured in a variety of shapes and colors
for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial applications. The
brick pavers offer Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects and
Planners several engineered placing systems that are durable,
economical and ascetically attractive. The systems also lend themselves
to a multitude of design applications. Unilock brick pavers are
manufactured to tight dimensional tolerances. This, in combination with
their interlocking capabilities, allows the surface to act as a total
membrane with a high resistance to compressive loads and lateral
Unilock ® products are made to revitalize your backyard landscaping
environment. Using Unilock ® wall systems for backyard landscaping
applications such as retaining walls, steps and outdoor patios to and
garden will add beauty to any home. Unilock products are specifically
designed to create an inviting outdoor environment. Unilock products
were developed to complement and enhance the look and quality of
backyard landscaping elements such as pools, trees and patios. Whether
creating a classic elegant look or incorporating simple modern style in
your environment, there is a Unilock product and approach to design
that is perfect for you.
The irregular shape of Brussels Block® gives your installation a
relaxed, timeless appearance. It's antiqued, tumbled look creates
one-of-a-kind pavers which, when combined, achieve a natural "old
world" cobblestone look.
Driveway paving with Unilock not only adds instant beauty to your
home, they're extremely practical and easy to maintain. Easily removed
and reinstalled, they allow easy access to underground services and
replacement if a driveway paver becomes permanently stained or damaged.

This luxurious driveway paving was expertly designed and installed.
Placing the axis of the installation on a 45 degree angle gives and
interesting look from various vantage points. The large diamonds and
the border are created using our Unigranite pavers.
Edge restraints are a critical element to the durability of flagstone flooring
installation. They prevent the flagstone from moving and shifting over
time. Unilock® offers several options for restraint. Unilock’s own
plastic Edge Restraint is both economical and effective. Various concrete
edging materials also work well with the added benefit of complementing
the flagstone flooring with color and texture.
UNILOCK interlocking pavers are generally composed of a surface
consisting of precast modular concrete units of varying shapes, colours
and texture, placed over a graded sand base and interlocked with
bedding and joint sand, which can be constructed over a variety of
subbases. The concept dates back to the roads of the Roman Empire, and
was refined after the Second World War in Europe. The modern concept of
high quality, precision manufactured concrete pavers has resulted in
the construction of millions of square metres of interlocking pavers
constructed each year in Europe, and an expanding market in
North America.

Due to the segmental nature of the pavement, concrete interlocking pavers
can articulate under applied loads, much like flexible
pavements. Unlike flexible pavements, the interlocking nature of the
pavements increases significantly under traffic. Conventional flexible
pavement design and construction methods have been easily adapted to
the concept of concrete interlocking pavers.
The paving block dates back to Roman times when hand-hewn granite and limestone blocks were installed in roads frequently used by horses and chariots.Even in areas where hand-hewn stones were not available or affordable, natural paving stones were placed in the roads and the joints filled with clay. Today, a paving block is used in many applications where conventional paving materials do not provide the performance that paving blocks do.

Paving block textures include smooth, rough, brushed, tumbled, dimpled,
exposed aggregate, and hand hewn. Walls come split-faced, tumbled and
natural pre-cast. Unilock's standard color palette consists of over 40
paving block and wall colors which, when quantities permit, may be
augmented using custome pigment mixes. Original color and texture
effects can be produced by using specialized products that incorporate
premium aggregates. These products may be further customized through a variety of finishing techniques for highly distinctive design
For the installation of patio pavers, you first must determine what
equipment is required before the job starts so that you will have the
right tool for the right job. Remember, many types of equipment can be
rented and larger tools such as loaders or mini- excavators can be
delivered to the jobsite. Marking out all the areas for excavation with
string lines or paint will make it easier for all who are working on
the job to understand the scope of the project.

Set measurements and stakes with one other crew person as a
"double-check". Changes sometimes need to be made from the original
plan due to certain site issues not encountered on the drafting board.
Always be prepared to make some on-site changes.
Unilock is North America’s leader in the manufacturing of industrial
pavements. Pavers such as Anchorlock®, Optiloc®, and Unistone® are
several of the pavers which have become the industry standard for
roadways, loading yards, shipping ports, airports and inter-modal
terminals around the world. These products offer a superior design and
engineered strength which is second to none. All Unilock industrial
pavers can be installed mechanically for maximum productivity and cost

Unilock along with our European product innovation affiliates have
created some of the industry’s most unique and inspiring textured
pavers. These textured pavers can be used on their own or they can be
combined with other pavers to create what we have called, “Paver
Quilting”. This combination of pavers allows you to create a
“signature” that is exclusively yours. Even the aggregates and the
background color of our beautiful Series 3000® pavers can be customized
to fit your specific design requirements. All Unilock concrete products
come with a Lifetime Guarantee*.
Get your bathing suit on and get onto this beautiful pool deck. Brussels
Block® pool coping stones have a tumbled surface but are also smooth on those bare feet.

Can I use pavers around a swimming pool for pool coping? Answer:
Absolutely! Unilock pavers not only enhance the area around a pool,
they also provide a slip resistant surface to walk on. Also, if you
ever have to service the area below the pavers you can easily lift and
re-lay the pavers for your pool coping.
Unilock's diverse line of stamped concrete products offer a an extensive
selection of colors and styles and a number of unique textural surface
treatments. Proportional unit sizing has also been maintained between
many stamped concrete styles resulting in a paving system with an
augmented level of function and design.

The architectural advantages of interlocking stamped concrete pavements
are readily apparent. With their small size, colour and shape variety,
they offer a warmth and human scale that is difficult to achieve with
conventional concrete and asphalt. They are a perfect complement to
almost any architecture. Interlocking concrete pavers can be installed
in a variety of patterns including curves, straight lines, intricate
designs, and add vitality to almost any environment.