NETWORK AUDIT With this service AD Technologies offers its customers a global and optimal vision of its computer infrastructure for better decision-making during major investments such as new equipment or human resources. "You can take care of business, we will take care of your computer infrastructure. " Suppose you have a mainframe-only application that you would like to migrate or to simply make available for other non-proprietary platforms. There are many reasons for migrating, but one, which lately has become quite popular, is making legacy applications portable. This entails "transporting" an application so that it can operate on more than one platform and then sold as a multi-platform solution. OUR KNOW-HOW Because of the emergence of new technologies in proven methodologies we shall assist you to:

    Develop an-in house computer application according to your specific needs;
      Facilitate your decision-making concerning the evolution of information technologies;
        Insure you that your computer equipment is functional and secure;
          Resolve your computer infrastructure problems; Allow your resource personnel in data processing to invest their time in the projects mattering for your company. Count on the expertise and know-how of AD Technologies to answer your needs.