Simply put Machinex is renowned as an industry leader in the
engineering, design, and manufacture of custom built scrap-handling
systems.  We are a supplier for material recycling facilities, pulp and
paper industries, municipal solid waste industries, and any type of
facility that generates recyclable waste. When you choose Machinex you
gain a partner dedicated to the on-going success of your project.

Machinex Recycling Technologies, Canada’s leading MRF solutions supplier, custom designs and manufactures process sorting equipment for residential and IC&I recycling centres. Machinex carries many quality products ranging from BALERs to conveyors, and includes Single & Multi Stream Sorting Equipment as well as other related equipment. We offer 24-hour service 7 days a week and carry a complete stock of parts and baling wire. Machinex is the exclusive Canadian distributor for the American BALER Company, manufacturers of the highest quality BALERs.

There is a great deal of talk within the industry today about
single-stream collection and processing. This mostly is due to the
financial benefits brought about by the time savings of picking up a
totally commingled fiber and container stream at the street level.

Among its products, Machinex manufactures OCC separation disc screens,
news separators, single stream separators, conveyors, shredders,
trommels screens, ferrous and non-ferrous separators, densifiers,
system controls, etc.

The Mach Series Separators give you the best cost-to-performance ratio
in Canada today. These separators are designed for high levels of
sorting purity and efficiency in MRF applications. This line separators
consists of the Mach One single stream separator for efficient
fi-fibre-container separation, the Mach Two news separator and the Mach
OCC Screen for cardboard.

Machinex has introduced the Mach One Finishing Separators, a complete sorting system for single-stream sorting. Combined with Mach One Separators to sort out newspaper, Mach One Finishing Separators simultaneously sorts remaining fibers, containers and broken glass and fines. Separators include an exclusive "split-disc technology" that gives flexibility and high performance to recycling facilities, according to the company.
Disc screens have been used for construction and industrial purposes
for quite some time. There are generally two different types of disc screens in the recycling industry for fibre sorting: cardboard and newsprint
screens. Disk screens have also been produced for single stream
recycling systems to separate the containers from the fibres.

Equipment carriedd by Machinex includes conveyors, disc screens, sorting platforms, magnets, eddy current separators, as well as balers.
Machinex carries a full line of conveyors to meet your specific needs.
Whether it's an Apron Steel Belt – Z Pan Type – Conveyor, Roller Chain
Belt Conveyor, Suspended Chain Belt Conveyor, slider bed conveyor,
Troughing Idler Belt Conveyor, idler belt conveyor or a Magnetic
Conveyor, we have what you require in conveying systems.

“Let our systems help you sort it out.”

From a BALER feed conveyor to a complete materials recovery facility
Machinex engineers every component to Customer Specification in order to offer complete Custom Designed Systems. Machinex Recycling Technologies is also the sole Canadian representative for The American BALER Company.

When selecting a baler you need to review the full selection of
materials the you want to bale, the physical size and density of the
material and the amount of material that you need to bale. This
information will help set up the criteria for the proper baler for your
application. Balers are typically rated by through-put (tonnes per hour
capacity) and bale chamber size. For instance, if you want to bale a
high volume of cardboard you would need a wide mouth baler with enough
displacement "under load" to keep up with your volume. If you want to
bale paper trim fed from an air handling system, you would only require
a less expensive narrow chamber horizontal baler that has ample
displacement under load to keep up with your production.

These unique, low-cost air handling systems save on heat and air
conditioning. It's designed especially for low-volume trim systems.
This air handling system can accommodate several pick-up points from
trimming or die-cutting operations. Trim is pneumatically conveyed to
the cyclone. Here the conveying air is separated from the trim scrap.
This air is then filtered and returned to the plant while the scrap is
fed directly into the hopper at the automatic horizontal baler.
Regardless of volume of incoming air, special self-adjusting controls
modulate pressure in the baler chamber to minimize dust contamination
around the press.

Adaptable --With the BloApCo system, customers can utilize a horizontal
baler of their choice. It will work with existing pneumatic conveying systems. The air handling systems are flexible and can be adapted to fit almost any existing space. No roof openings are needed. Low headroom requirements enable system to fit inside most buildings.
Simply put Machinex is renowned as an industry leader in the
engineering, design, and manufacture of custom built scrap-handling
systems.  We are a supplier for material recycling facilities, pulp and
paper industries, municipal solid waste industries, and any type of
facility that generates recyclable waste. When you choose Machinex you
gain a partner dedicated to the on-going success of your project.

Machinex Recycling Technologies, Canada's leading MRF supplier, custom designs and manufactures process equipment for residential and IC & I recycling centres. Our products range from balers to conveyors, automated sorting equipment, and other related equipment. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for the American Baler Company. We provide 24-hour service and carry a complete stock of parts and baling wire.

 Who we are:
 • A young and energetic management MRF supplier building lasting,
profit-making partnerships with today’s MRF leaders, while keeping one
eye on tomorrow’s MRF market.
 • Creative and versatile engineers with the experience and the
technological know-how to configure the most accurate and efficient
design plans for any MRF.
 • The design and installation experts behind over 200 successful turnkey
installations currently in use.
 • The technology partners of leading material recovery facilities in
Canada, the United States and Western Europe.
Two factors used to determine quality of bale wire are tensile strength
and elongation. Good bale wire (black annealed) will have a tensile
strength of 69,000 to 75,000 PSI. Elongation is the ability of the wire
to stretch before it breaks. A bale wire with good wire elongation
would be that of 25 per cent or more. Less expensive bale wire on
average has an elongation factor of 15 per cent. It's important to note
that baler manufacturers produce balers more powerful than earlier
models, so these factors are especially critical now.

Machinex offers complete, custom-engineered sorting and recycling systems
including shredders and baler parts.

Machinex Recycling Technologies is a recycling equipment supplier
giving you the high quality balers and baler parts, sorting equipment
and air and scrap handling systems for your needs. Machinex provides
only the latest recycling equipment with on-site and off-site service
and support, a large inventory of baler parts and bale wire, and used
Machinex manufactures conveyor systems needed to handle recycled
products, and makes other sorting centre equipment such as sorting
tables, storage bins, stairs, hoppers, glass crushers, compactors and
shredders, as well as electric controls needed to operate a recycling

Machinex Recycling Technologies provides a wide range of conveyor systems
for waste paper and fibre, recyclables, municipal solid waste, and industrial
solid waste such as a rubber belt, steel belt, and slider belt.

Machinex can fulfill all your recycling equipment needs. We also
supply and service, BALERs, Eddy Current and Magnetic Separators,
Conveyor systems, Shredders and more. We provide design, engineering,
a large parts inventory, baling wire, 24- hour service and a highly
skilled staff.

Choosing the right baler for your application is an important decision
that can have a long-term financial impact on your operation. Whether
your baler is the prime producer or part of a much larger production,
choosing the improper baler you could jeopardize your plant efficiency,
which can lead to excessive operating costs due to poor productivity
and high consumable costs. There are a number of types of balers on the
market such as Extrusion Horizontal Balers, Closed Door Horizontal
Balers, Two Ram Balers and Vertical Downstroke Balers; each type is
available from several manufacturers.
In addition, Machinex can supply transformation machinery such as paper
balers and shredder machines, thereby delivering a complete package.
The company can also provide its own specialized technicians to look
after the installation and maintenance of its equipment.

As a stand-alone shredder, single-shaft unit, it handles 3,000 lbs. per
hour or more depending upon the amount of shredding required and
feeding procedures. The patented Auto-Rake shredder which is
electronically adjustable in both position and shredding pressure,
allows the amount and size of shredded pieces to vary to suit changing
requirements. Ripping wheels fabricated from abrasion-resistant steel
are individually replaceable without machine disassembly. Low-speed 30
HP drive is economical to operate as compared to an equivalent capacity
hammermill of greater horsepower. Machinex's auto-rake shredder is also
safe to operate. The automatic control of rake bar virtually prevents
any jamming. It is a self-cleaning shredder that eliminates the need
for an operator to remove jammed material. The shredder controls are in
free-standing Nema 12 enclosure and full safety guarding is provided.
Machinex is the recycling equipment supplier you need to run a profit-making MRF. Whether your market is residential,
commercial or industrial sorting, solid waste recovery or composting,
Machinex has the equipment to drive your productivity up, your costs
down and put you at the forefront of your market.