BPM software (BPMS) manages processes and the attributed information in a simple and intuitive way, allowing your employees to focus their time on process improvement and execution, rather than on managing the processes themselves. As your processes expand their level of complexity increases exponentially ñ a powerful tool is needed in order to manage the growth and complexity of your process maps. By using a BPM software tool, your company gains the value of BPM without being burdened with the maintenance of process information.
Visio mapping software offers a complete solution for engineers and technicians who need to create detailed schematics. Mapping software that works inside Microsoft Excel. A bottom up process, visio mapping software solution is built on Microsoft Visio graphics

Charter is a desktop business process management (BPM) modeling software. Charter integrates directly within the Microsoft visio mapping software, providing business users with a dynamic and integrated process modeling environment. Because of its flexible design environment and ease of use, Charter is the ideal tool for the business users who need to quickly map processes in a stand-alone environment, with this incredible visio mapping software module.

Interfacing, a leading provider of collaborative business process management (BPM) and knowledge solutions, today announced the availability of Charter Standard Edition, a Microsoft Office visio mapping software Add-On, and the latest version of its award-winning BPM software. Charter Standard integrates directly within the visio mapping software add-on, providing business users with a dynamic and integrated process modeling environment.

"Building on the visual mapping software that Visio provides, Interfacing has been able to create a solution that provides specific functionality and customization, ensuring an accurate and efficient business process modeling tool", says Richard Wolf, Microsoft Office Visio General Manager. "We‚re very excited to be a part of this solution and to see how visio mapping software is being used to take business process management to the next level".
Real-time management systems (RTMS) require three elements: data collection, analysis and reporting.
The FirstSTEP user interface allows easy modeling of envisioned changes.
Its user-friendly graphical interface and highly intuitive modeling approach make it easy for anyone to use
business process modeling add-on that allows users at any level to quickly and
effectively create, view, edit and publish models.

Charter allows you to quickly and effectively create, view and edit your
business process models in a cost-effective way.

Generate comprehensive reports on all processes and activities

Export model data for simulation, analysis and monitoring of business processes.
Process modeling is the activity of breaking entire work patterns into steps, activities, and processes. A process model is a representation of the overall work that is done within a company or department. Work is represented in processes as shapes in a specific notation (FirstSTEP, BPMN); different shapes indicate a different type of process phase. The result is a map, or flowchart, that serves as a powerful analytic tool in improving company operations.

The term process model is used in different contexts. For example, in Business process modeling the enterprise process model is often referred to as the business process model. Process models are core concepts in the discipline of Process Engineering.
Abstraction level for processes
Abstraction level for processes [1]

Process models are processes of the same nature that are classified together into a model. Thus, a process model is a description of a process at the type level. Since the process model is at the type level, a process is an instantiation of it. The same process model is used repeatedly for the development of many applications and thus, has many instantiations. One possible use of a process model is to prescribe how things must/should/could be done in contrast to the process itself which is really what happens. A process model is roughly an anticipation of what the process will look like. What the process shall be will be determined during actual system development.[2]
Process Mapping software on more complex projects to help clients articulate their current processes and their vision of how these will look like.
A brief description of the basic process mapping software tools is broken into five categories. Good process mapping software is an essential tool for shared services and outsourced service providers. process mapping software that allows accurate cost and time calculations of processes time, includes a scenario facility for modelling new processes.

Thus the council looked towards the implementation of process mapping software, which breaks down the key processes of an operation into individual, minute activities across people, facilities, information systems and equipment. Prior to using process mapping software, the team mapped the process on large sheets of paper with vertical lines delineating individual or departmental lines, and using post-it notes for the functions.

At the same time we will be introducing a unique new process mapping software that supports the methodology described in the book. Instead, it employed cross-functional teams of service and manufacturing personnel to brainstorm and analyze the installation process, aided by process-mapping software.
Process management software is a software that enables modeling, integrating, monitoring, and optimizing business process flows of all sizes, crossing any application, company boundary, or human interaction.

My impression of business process management sofware is that it is focused on monitoring and managing a transaction, while business performance management involves setting up metrics and taking information to track against those metrics.

Business process management software is used where organisations need to control complex processes that involve the cooperation of different users and systems and multiple steps or tasks which need to be carried out in a particular sequence and in a consistent way to achieve the required business objectives.

Research the latest Business process management software technologies, tools and techniques. You can identify a hierarchy of process management or collaborative software products starting with e-mail and moving up to collaborative software and then to workflow management systems which are themselves evolving into a new range of business process management software.

Real-time performance management, sometimes called business activity monitoring, is now a key feature of business process management software. Business-process management software can help companies get more value by linking existing applications, but it requires some integration and training.

• business process management software
• business process reengineering
• processs management
Knowlodge management and a good process design environment is important, but having the ability to easily publish and collaborate around business processes in real-time is essential. Communicating business process management knowledge, policies, ownership and accountability are key elements in deploying consistent process execution and change management. Gaining support and buy-in to changing business processes is key for adoption. The EPC provides a complete environment to not only develop processes but also to review, collaborate and publish process knowledge in real-time, worldwide.

Secure access via the web puts valuable process information in the hands of every employee, no matter where they are located. The ability to maintain threaded discussions on any of the process objects provides a documented feedback channel to capture comments, questions, concerns or new ideas. Integration with your email system allows automatic notification of key events or changes within the process repository. The EPC is not a static environment, but rather a dynamic business communication tool that keepseveryone on the same page.

Protecting company knowledge and efficiently disseminating knowledge for the efficient training of a skilled workforce of professional engineers.
The platform design consulting industry represents a set of major engineering challenge that requires specific knowledge and experience in designing safe and efficient wells. The process of well design from concept to execution planning must be managed with a high degree of verification and standardization in order to ensure that the substantial investment of clients is maximized.
ISO and the Path to Quality:

BPM helps you get and stay on track
Implement the widely recognized ISO compliance standards: Economic uncertainty has forced companies to find ways to become more efficient in order to maintain profitability. Formal performance improvement programs like ISO 9000 help improve quality and operational efficiency, granting your company a competitive edge.

Why drive ISO with BPM: Driving ISO initiatives with Business Process Management (BPM) creates a far-reaching value for your organization, going beyond the ISO audit certification. With BPM you will meet ISO requirements quicker while engaging your employees and creating consistency, transparency, and managing the continuous improvement of your processes and policies.

Compliance and Business Process Management: Our Enterprise Process CenterÆ (EPC) software is the most user-friendly way to implement a process management system that meets ISO regulations. The EPC ensures transparency for audits and accreditation, complements your other organizational goals and initiatives, and allows you to adapt your processes for the future.

ISO Compliance and Standards

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. Its purpose is to facilitate international trade by providing a single set of standards that are recognized and respected worldwide. ISO standards refer to a set of quality management standards that include requirements and guidelines for quality processes.

Interfacing Enterprise Process CenterÆ (EPC) puts you on the simplest path to Quality

Interfacing Technologiesí Enterprise Process CenterÆ (EPC) software is the Business Process Management (BPM) solution that can best support you in process improvement and certification. With the EPC, you have full control over processes and documents, including a full audit trail and robust reporting features. The clarity with which process knowledge is communicated through the EPC makes the implementation of ISO standards a painless endeavor. Our software allows you to:
• Document processes to meet ISO regulations.
• Manage controls and standards.
• Improve operational efficiency.
• Engage your employees in process lifecycle.
• Increase ownership and tansparency.
Document Management makes the dream of a paperless office is finally becoming realized. Companies can now manage the majority of their documentation in virtual file systems. This reduces the need to produce wasteful print copies, but the benefits go beyond the reduction of waste. By managing your valuable company documentation within the EPC, you gain the ability to share work on a single document without pushing papers around the office. Users simply have to log in where they are given access to all of the necessary work documents. Information becomes a tool in itself, accessible at any moment.

Why should content and processes be linked? There is a balance to be struck when mapping company processes. It is essential to design an efficient set of business processes that are easy to manage, while providing sufficient detail in order to portray a complete picture of your company. This makes it necessary to avoid the micromanagement of each activity and its tasks within processes. Content management is the missing link between efficient process design and micromanagement. By linking documents to processes, your employees can provide additional details as to what must be done to execute an activity without complicating business processes.
What is a business process? Business process are models of business activities that represent the flow of work in your company. Export model data for simulation, analysis and monitoring of business processes.

Business processes are methods, steps and activities we perform to do our jobs. For example, in most companies filling a customer order involves several business processes from processing the order to shipping the product. Some companies have strong business process cultures; others have varying degrees of business process discipline.
Business process reengineering involves the radical redesign of core business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity. business process reengineering (BPR) is the key management trend of the day. business process reengineering knowledge is currently descriptive, ad hoc, or pre-scientific.

We want to define a theory of BPR by discovering the underlying principles for business process reengineering. Some time back, you must‚ve heard a lot about BPR (business-process reengineering). business process reengineering is the organizational process required to align people, processes and technology with strategies to achieve business integration.

business process reengineering business process reengineering is the discipline of first analyzing and then redesigning current business processes and their components in terms of their effectiveness, efficiency and added value contribution to the objectives of the business. business process reengineering is the analysis of business processes to determine more effective ways of managing those processes, often through the use of technology.

business process reengineering is the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to bring about dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service, and speed. business process reengineering is essentially value engineering applied to the system to bring forth, sustain, and retire the product, with an emphasis on information flow.

Considering new management practices and methodologies, new work methods, improvement projects, implementing new information technologies, ITC can provide help with its knowledge and expertise in business processes.

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Business Process Mapping with a business process mapping and software tool. Business process mapping is just that tool. In a four-step process, analysis can be performed that accomplishes this holistic approach. At the same time, business process mapping also helps gain employees' buy-in and can result in an increased sense of pride for employees.

A management consulting company that combines experience in business process
mapping, analysis and reengineering. business process mapping would, for example, translate the various workflow steps in one company's procurement process into those of its partner.

Business process mapping is one method being used to raise process awareness and consequently improve an organisation's processes. Using widely available and proven techniques such as business process mapping and reengineering, this clinic will empower executives to analyze their business into discrete processes.

Business process mapping:
• organizes tasks and activities
• IT and Business Process Alignment
• visio mapping software
• flowchart software
Business process management tools lets you stay competitive in times of increasing demands for speedy services, business process management tools must be implemented to ensure optimum utilization of resources. Now interest in business process management tools appears to be returning due to the recessionary nature of the last few years and the persistent focus on cost cutting.

business process management tools go beyond traditional workflow by allowing you to actively monitor and analyse your active workload. Employ general-purpose business process management tools to build flexible compliance solutions that can be used to build processes to comply with any legislation.

Claims processes must be re-engineered using business process management tools and claims management solutions to find optimal business impact. Augmented by compatible technologies like tacit intelligence, business performance management, and business process management tools, and elevated in priority by government external reporting rules that place a premium on sophisticated information than can be accessed, processed, and disseminated in real time, business intelligence shouldn't be considered a luxury in corporate IT circles any more.

Business process management tools allow your company to:
• manage business processes
• implement business process management systems
• attain itil compliance
• risk management
• manage software services
Business process management solutions offer obvious payoffs. With Interfacing business process management solutions you can create, deploy, modify and manage business process of any complexity. business process management solutions that start with data capture and cascade through work flow, business process and content management.

Interfacing, a leading provider of business process management solutions today announced the establishment of a business alliance to deliver process-enabled workflow, analytics and imaging solutions. Interfacing can speed delivery of business process management solutions while empowering its customers to react immediately to changing business conditions through real-time process monitoring.

Flexible business rules management for enabling business process management solutions. business process management solutions capable of addressing the automation and hands-on requirements of today's corporate enterprise culture.

Business process management solutions can manage:
• business rules
• business processes
• risk management
• compliance
|BPM software|BPM|business process management software|process management software
Try our new BPR solutions. We are a BRP specialist. Different phases of BPM are supported by a comprehensive set of BPR and business process reengineering tools. Out BPM software (BPMS) and flowchart software enables business process reengineering (BPR) to a high degree - including process simulation, business process simulation and other process management.
BPM software (BPMS) manages processes and the attributed information in a simple and intuitive way, allowing your employees to focus their time on process improvement and execution, rather than on managing the processes themselves. As your processes expand their level of complexity increases exponentially ñ a powerful tool is needed in order to manage the growth and complexity of your process maps. By using a BPM software tool, your company gains the value of BPM without being burdened with the maintenance of process information.
What is Business Process Management (BPM)? Business processes are methods, tasks and activities we perform to do our jobs. For example, in most companies filling a customer order involves several business processfrom processing the order to shipping the product. Some companies have strong BPM cultures; others have varying degrees of business process discipline.

Use our BPM knowledge and BPM experience.

• Business Process Reengineering
BPM software
-Process Improvement

But BPM is more than managing process knowledge. BPM is a critical and necessary step to achieving fact- based management of business results and specific process performance. Process performance monitoring and process automation are two components that companies use to achieve greater performance in their processes.
Business process management software (BPMS) manages processes and the attributed information in a simple and intuitive way, allowing your employees to focus their time on process improvement and execution, rather than on managing the processes themselves. As your processes expand their level of complexity increases exponentially ñ a powerful tool is needed in order to manage the growth and complexity of your process maps. By using a BPM software tool, your company gains the value of BPM without being burdened with the maintenance of business process information.

Business process management software allows you to:
• process simulation
• manage business process
• visio mapping software

Managing Business Processes in BPM software is an intricate and complicated task. As the size of your process maps increase, they become exponentially more complicated. Business process management software enables the collection and tracking of all information that is related to processes and activities. This includes roles, resources, assets, and all other details that are required to maintain clear and accurate process maps.

Business process management software is used by many companies to ensure they are meeting the Section 404 requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, which govern which company officials need to sign off on financial transactions. Providers of workflow and business process management software solutions.

Typically, business process management software cannot cope with this situation, although the workflow vendors will almost certainly do. Interfacing provides a unique and comprehensive range of investment management and business process management software solutions and related services.

By offering business process management software and methodologies, and process-centric software engineering capability. Provides a fully integrated BPM or business process management software platform for real time business process integration. Streamline and automate your enterprise business processes with business process management software. Business process management software holds the power to fix these problems.

Interfacing offers business process management software and solutions that result in measurable performance improvement in our customers' businesses. Installing business process management software is just one part of setting up an enterprisewide workflow. These two tracks will enable business users, application developers and architects to understand both the business opportunities provided by business process management software and the technology and best practices for providing rapid response.
Business process management systems endures that the proper information is passed to a business process management system as part of a completion message. Here is one definition of a business process management system:

"Integrating people, data and enterprise applications in efficient, adaptable and automated processes". This product is a business process management system, which brings together system applications, data and people with the overlying business processes for a more efficient workflow.

A comprehensive business process management system provides an organization with the ability to collectively define and model their business processes, deploy these processes as applications accessible via the Web that are integrated with their existing software systems, and then provide managers with the visibility to monitor, analyze, control and improve the execution of those processes in real time.

It will be easier for a business process management system to manage standards-based processes. The success of a business process management system is inherently linked with the evolution of processes. A business process management system should be used to model and automate internal processes as well as processes that span human activities and public network.

Business Process Management Systems are:
• Business process management solutions
• business process management software
• visio mapping software
• flowchart software
• knowldege management
What is Business Process Management? Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to improving an organization's business processes. BPM activities seek to make business processes more effective, more efficient, and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. Our business process management services are designed to provide you cutting edge outsourcing solutions, thereby bringing you significant cost savings in the long term.

Business Process Management (BPM) has become one of the most important enterprise software market segments as evidenced by recent industry analyst reports, as well as a growing number of companies claiming to offer BPM software. Many products on the market today purporting to be Business Process Management systems provide only basic process automation or workflow capabilities that route tasks between systems or people.

Business process management involves:
• business management
•business process reengineering
• business processes
•change management
• process improvement
• information systems
• information technology
• six sigma
• productivity
• workflow

Business process modeling provides a way of visualizing the often-complex workflows within an organization. Agencies are using various approaches and support tools to get the architectural job done, and they are building business process modeling into some procurements. Those getting back into business process modeling will find an old standby and newer methods.

Agency officials embarking on business process modeling projects have a few methods from which to choose. Some business process modeling and enterprise architectures are using the method, best known as a modeling language for software development.

To better understand the scope addressed by business process modeling, we will describe the three typical project types where business process approaches should take place. business process modeling is not a discipline that comes easily to many developers, primarily because it goes quite a bit beyond simply downloading a snippet of code and tinkering around with it.

-Modeling and mapping of any business processes through a software add-on to Microsoft™ Visio™
• Automatic report generation
• Robust data model to capture important process information
• Swimlaneand flatmap process views
• Multilanguage maps
• Model validation
• Model wizard
• Stencil-shape wizard
• Customizable print options
• Customizable export function
• Simulation, analysis and monitoring ready
Business process simulation software tools can be placed into three major categories. The following considerations should prepare the user for planning a business process simulation study and for assessing the suitability of a particular simulation package. The most capable and powerful tools for business process simulation are the discrete event-driven simulation products.

A business case study is provided to give the attendee first-hand experience setting up the business process simulation parameters. How does a business process simulation model work? For business process simulation purposes, there are two primary characteristics which separate simulation methodologies and tools discrete versus aggregate and real time versus non-real time.

business process simulation is very important in. process logic design stage. Business process modeling tools today often enable business process simulation which can allow the business analyst to simulate different business process models and identify the model with the best ROI. Interfacing has achieved very encouraging results in implementing its business process simulation tools in this environment.

It reviews the current state of business process simulation and the use of generic business process models to assist in simulation modelling. This lets you see the interconnections across all components of your enterprise providing you with an impact analysis that combines business process simulation with automated cost estimating to produce an ROI case for every change to strategy, business process, application, or infrastructure.
Content Management cuts through the endless stack of paper: Your company generates a huge amount of documentation. Procedures, spreadsheets, presentations and more; your employeesí work is contained within company documentation. The creation, access, storage, and management of your companyís documents are central to a properly organized business. Not only must your documentation be managed by an efficient system that makes content available among all departments, but it must also allow for proper versioning in order to keep track of any revisions made to your documents.

Business Process Management (BPM) and Content Management: There are many content management systems on the market that can provide your company with a central document repository. However, a document management system is only as good as the use your employees get out of it. Managing documents is only half the issue; the other half involves giving those documents a purpose. No matter how sophisticated a document repository may be, its use is limited if it does not make the content relevant to your employees.
Flowchart software for easy flow chart and process flow documentation tools andresources. flowchart software helps streamline the drawing process and makes creating flowcharts, timelines, diagrams, floor plans, and other illustrations for your small business a snap.

Be sure to download from the Web only flowchart software that comes with a trial period. flowchart software, like much of the rest of the software industry, is moving in two general directions: integrated and Internet. For example, the simulation software companies have recently had some success by providing solutions that are integrated with the same flowchart software products that have threatened to swallow much of their market.

flowchart software continues to evolve. In the future, flowcharts software will be more than just a diagram of how the steps of a processes are connected. Use flowchart software for mapping out a task. We also produce a range of innovative media-planning flowchart software.

flowchart software and training should be provided to each person responsible for developing a flowchart. Interfacing is more flexible than other software solutions and provides interconnecting processes that are difficult to illustrate with traditional process flowchart software applications.

This flowchart software is a unique approach to flowcharting and automatically creates flowcharts from text outlines of processes. This linking capability also turns the static flowchart software into a dynamic interface to the management of the process. This data can appear on the flowchart software so that you can easily see the relationship between the process step and its cost, cycle time or other process metric.
|BPM software|BPM|business process management software|process management software What is ITIL? This official introduction is your gateway to ITIL. It explains the basic concept of IT Service Management and the place of ITIL, introducing the new lifecycle model, which puts into context all the familiar ITIL processes from the earlier books. This title introduces ITSM and ITIL, explains why the service lifecycle approach is best practice in today's ITSM, and makes a persuasive case for change.

Service Design is the second volume in the IT Infrastructure Library. This volume provides guidance on the development and maintenance of information technology policies, documents, and architectures for the design of IT ssrice solutions/processes. This includes a range of modeils, including outsourcing and insourcing.

Service Operation is the fourth volume in the IT Infrastructure Library. It explains the activities required to enable day to day operational 'excellence'. It embraces many of the disciplines defined within the previous verion of ITIL.
Mapping software is important to use. Most of the activities, however, can be done with any concept mapping software.
Our process mapping software will allow you to implement process evaluation with ease. Interfacing provides a full range of mapping software products, along with expert training and technical support. Interfacing is hands down the best business mapping software on the market, used by thousands of business analysts to make key decisions where location information is critical.

Semantic mapping software provides a flexibility beneficial to many students, in both the generating and organizing steps of the writing process. Semantic mapping software can be useful for many types of learning profiles. Since semantic mapping software maximizes the visual-graphic aspects of arranging ideas, this type of program is well-suited for visual learners who need to see ideas mapped out literally.

Some have been kind enough to tell us why they use our brainstorming and mind mapping software. mapping software fulfills a critical need for visual presentation whether sales is actually doing what the sales process asks them to do. Business process mapping software product for mapping information flows.
A Business Process mapping software Product for the mapping of processes and information flows.

• Semantic mapping
• Dataflow
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Process management is the ensemble of activities of planning and monitoring the performance of a process, especially in the sense of business process, often confused with reengineering.

Process Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and systems to define, visualize, measure, control, report and improve processes with the goal to meet customer requirements profitably. It is different from program management in that program management is concerned with managing a group of inter-dependent projects.

What is Business Process Management (BPM)? Business processes are methods, steps and activities we perform to do our jobs. For example, in most companies filling a customer order involves several business processes from processing the order to shipping the product. Some companies have strong business process cultures; others have varying degrees of business process discipline.

A lot of attention has been focused on business processes in recent years because the downturn in the global economy has forced companies to improve their processes to maintain profitability. Recent corporate scandals have caused regulatory changes that involve auditing of financial business processes.

Process Management is about:
• Organizing the business around processes and focusing on customer satisfaction
• Clarifying and documenting processes
• Monitoring process performance and compliance
• Continuously identifying opportunities for improvement and deploying them
Process Mapping (example below) is also known as Process Charting or Flow Charting. It is one of the oldest, simplest and most valuable techniques for streamlining work. It is also subtle and requires experienced facilitators for best results.

A process map visually depicts the sequence of events to build a product or produce an outcome. It may include additional information such as cycle time, inventory, and equipment information.

Several systems of conventions exist. At Strategos, we find that the original system invented by Frank Gilbreth in the early 1900's is still the most useful. The Gilbreth approach is highly visual and discriminates between waste and value-added activity. It is also simple, intuitive and easily used by untrained groups. An experienced facilitator, however, is required.

The figure below shows a Process Map example and instructions for its construction.
Why process simulation?

Business process initiatives require a great deal of data collection and analysis before any changes can be made to your companyís organization. Before a costly implementation can take place, it is often prudent to run process simulation to determine the actual impact that changes will have on company operations. A powerful tool is needed to give your consultants, designers, and analysts the power to design, document, simulate, analyze and improve business processes in a safe virtual environment before deployment with process simulation.
Six Sigma is a system of process improvement practices that seek to eliminate product defects and ensure quality processes. Six Sigma methodologies work on both the process design level, and the process improvement level, setting out guidelines for the integration of sustainable, predictable and defect-free processes.quality, software, training, black belts, consulting services

• Process Improvement Six Sigma Quality
• Six Sigma Training function
• The Six Sigma Implementation
• The concept of Six Sigma
• Variety of services geared around Six Sigma.