We provide custom designed kiosk hardware and software solutions. At the heart of a kiosk hardware is the project itself, to find out more about our kiosk hardware range please select a link below.

Select a design that matches the kiosk hardware location in-store and best complements your store’s look and feel. Choose a kiosk hardware with standard health or food graphics, or create a custom treatment to match your store’s colors and branding.

Irwin-Industrial is s a leading manufacturer of kiosk hardware for all types of applications. Any tangible portion of the kiosk project falls into the hardware category. Depending on the type of kiosk you require, this can be simply a metal enclosure with a touch screen monitor and PC inside. More complex kiosks have more hardware components inside such as card readers, printers, telephone handsets, ruggedized keyboards, ruggedized pointing devices and other specialized peripherals.

The hardware is typically the most expensive component of the kiosk project. After you order the kiosk hardware, we manufacture it to your specifications, equip it with the peripherals you select, finish it based on your instructions, then ship it directly to you.
Your kiosk hardware consultant will assist you with understanding all of the options and with making the best choice for your application.
With this new range of products, we are preparing to enter the color STN LCD market. This STN LCD and TFT liquid crystal display series is intended for a wide range of industrial equipment and measuring equipment. It features an STN LCD screen mounted in a symmetrical frame with the width of the surrounding frame narrowed to optimize the size of the display area in relation to its external dimensions. The series is available in commercial mass production in four screen sizes: 4.7 inch/12 cm, 5.7 inch/14 cm, 6.2 inch/16 cm and 8.9 inch/23 cm. OMI-STN is an acronym for Optical Mode Interface-SuperTwisted Nematic.

Demand for color displays in mobile phones, equipped with cameras and other media, is accelerating the trend to move from super twisted nematic (STN) LCDs to TFT-LCDs. While STN LCD models are common in cell phones, more TFTs are being used. Search our catalog of products and manufacturers for stn color lcd module.

Your best source for STN LCD modules. If the STN LCD display brokes, be careful not le let liquid crystal touch your skin. I the STN LCD touches your clothes, please wash it off immediately.

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "STN LCD". A mobile phone-sized colour STN LCD module, capable of displaying high-quality moving images, is now available. Compared with a TN-LCD, the twist angle is increased from 90 to 180 or 270 Degrees of the angle in an STN-LCD.
An STN display has improved viewing angles and contrast at high multiplex rates. STN display is the newer technology and offers higher contrast and wider viewing angle than the TN fluid.

The natural color for a TN display is gray with dark gray pixels but because of an optical effect an STN display has a yellow background with dark blue pixels. The background color in an STN display can be made to appear gray with the addition of a filter. The color shift of an STN display can be completely compensated for by the addition of a special filter making the display appear black and white. This display type is called FSTN for Filtered STN.

This means that, for the first time, developers of latest-generation consumer products can benefit from the cost advantages of colour "STN display" technology without compromising on image quality. Moving images and colour STN display technology are not normally associated with each other. What are Dual Scan STN Displays? This is simply taking currently made color STN displays and applying some previously developed technology.

The dual scan STN display still suffers from the ghosting and artifact problems inherent in all slow STN displays. Applications include STN displays, cholesteric displays, optically active polmers, and reflective colour reflective colour polarizers. How is an STN display effected, when higher than the rated current is applied through the CCFL backlight tube? The response time (of STN displays significantly) is slowed, contrast is affected.
We are a wholesale fasteners distributor. Trust Irwin-Industries for all your wholesale fasteners needs.
We are a full line "Wholesale Fastener Distributor" serving the needs of the manufacturing, electronic, marine, construction communities.
Like many other supply chain participants, we offer competitive prices on top brands of wholesale fasteners and electronic components. So, how do we maintain strong relationships with some of the world's most respected manufacturing companies?
We are your wholesale fastener and industrial supply distributor. Bulk Wholesale Fasteners Needed? Irwin-Industrial is a retailer and wholesale fasteners supplier of a complete line of precision hardware products and industrial supplies.
As a wholesale distributor of industrial fasteners, our innovative inventory control systems and our value-added services demonstrate our willingness to go that extra mile for our wholesale fasteners customers.

We are pleased to announce our new line of wholesale fasteners. We are the world leader in cold formed components and fastening technology. This well-established company services the wholesale fastener industry.

Whether you are looking for :

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High performance natural convection heat sinks can be designed to include heat pipes. Because natural convection heatsinks often require a large footprint, effective heat spreading is important. Natural convection heat sinks also typically have a large temperature increase over the ambient air. Natural convection heatsinks dissipate anywhere from four to ten times less heat than a forced convection heatsinks with the same surface area.

For these reasons, natural convection heatsinks are considerably larger than equivalent forced convection heatsinks. t is however possible to go one step further and look at natural convection heat sinks in a given volume.

In natural convection applications the best method for reducing film resistance is achieved by increasing the effective surface area for convective heat transfer through the use of natual convection heat sinks and extended surfaces.

Convection Heat sinks range from expensive, custom-machined parts to inexpensive, off-the-shelf extrusions.

"Natural Convection heat sinks" used for cooling electronics provide a conduction path from the semiconductor device package to the ambient air.

Transfer from heat sinks to the environment may be due to convection or radiation. If your product uses natural convection, the critical parameters will include:

  • local upstream air temperature

  • the surface temperature of the surrounding walls

  • board orientation

Low profile heat sinks assemblies are perfect for meeting this challenge. The low profile heat sink removes the heat from the heat source to the fin stack where it is dissipated to the environment either by nature convection or forced convection.

Most of the assemblies are consist of low profile heat sinks or metal plate, heat pipe, slim blower,or thermal interface material. Low profile heat sinks are designed to meet the specific demands of tough-to-cool electronic components with low air velocity flows.

The above standard series were designed as low profile heat sinks and do not necessarily meets the specifications of any particular machine. Use of these "low profile heat sinks" is the responsibility of the customer.

The new series fin pattern was designed for low profile, high performance heatsinks. To meet the next generation thermal requirements with a low profile heat sink, we will describe three heat sink technologies. Additionally, the thermal performance achieved by these type of prototype low profile heat sinks exceeded the thermal performance levels for all the submitted competitive designs and prototypes, which utilized similar fluid phase change technologies.

This review will cover three of the newer copper heat sinks out on the market today. New copper heat sink line offers exceptional thermal solutions for electronic devices. Which material is better for heat sinks, copper or aluminum?

"Copper heat sinks" have every advantage over aluminum except weight and machineabiliy. Contrary to popular belief, copper is better at both drawing in and releasing heat sinks. Copper heat sinks can also easily hold more heat then aluminum, but this does not affect its ability to release the heat it is holding. The design of a copper heat sink is more important then the material.

Some people think that many heat sinks are designed with a copper base and aluminum fins because copper draws heat better and aluminum releases it better. Liquid cooled copper heat sink are designed in this way to reduce cost, ease manufacturing, and reduce weight. From a manufacturing standpoint aluminum is a much easier metal to work with than copper heat sink.
Copper has integrated itself into the world of heatsinks over the last year while Aluminum heatsinks have quietly taken a step out the back door. Some of the earlier "distributor copper heatsinks" models released have included circular copper plates inserted into the base, and there have been entire copper bases with Aluminum fins. Nowadays, the complete Copper heatsink is really the only way to fly if you are serious about your electronic cooling.
Irwin Industrial is a manufacturing company engaged in the design and sale of Terminal Blocks and Fuse Holders, which provide interconnection and circuit protection of electrical systems. Fuse holders are devices for containing, protecting and mounting fuses.

The fuse holders are attached to a steel bar which, in turn, is fixed to metal supports attached to the side panels of the box. The melting of the samples is observed with a magnifying glass attached to the plastic cover of the box. Terminal blocks and fuse holders are used in electrical and electronic equipment.

We offer three types of fuse holders; printed circuit board spring clips for mounting fuses right onto the pcb; a fuse block with black plastic molded base which can be mounted on a chassis or circuit board; and a black plastic, spring-loaded, panel-mount fuse holder for mounting onto front or back chassis panels.

The speaker cable is spliced to a pair of automotive-style fuse holders. I used lots of heat shrinking tubing to keep the splice protected, as well as to bind the two fuse holders together. These are in the large fuse holders located on the back or top deck of the amplifier. Most likely there is a blown "plate" fuse in the channel in question.
We have a large number of stainless steel fasteners, in stock and ready to ship. Stainless steel fasteners are made of steel that has been mixed with at least a ten percent compound of chromium, and possibly other metals, so that the steel doesn’t rust or corrode. This makes stainless steel fasteners great for outdoor conditions, where there is a lot of water or moisture.

Depending on what your fastening needs are, you will be buying different types of stainless steel fasteners for different fastening jobs. Our stainless steel fasteners are available in two grades. Stainless steel fasteners can't be in an anerobic environment and as such should only be used with caution below the waterline.

Stainless steel fasteners include bolts, screws, cap screws, studs, buckles, clamps, clasps, clip, nails, pegs, pins, rivets, retaining rings, staple pins, paper clips, zippers, etc. These fasteners are used in industries, offices and in households.

Stainless steel fasteners are used in the construction of our ramps and last longer in outdoor applications. Stainless steel fasteners will not stain the ramp sides or skating surface over time.
ESD heel straps at the best pricing in the industry! Can ESD-protective lab coats be used without ESD heel straps in an ESD-protected area?
If ESD heel straps or static control shoes are not worn and there is no static control floor, then the person is not grounded. Both the proper footwear and the proper floor are needed to complete the connection from garment to body to ground.

For ESD applications where the required strap resistance is 1 megohm, the tester uses a lower limit of 750 kilohms and upper limits of either 1.25 megohms (for the ESD heel strap only) or 10 megohms (for the ESD heel strap and the wearer).
They should be used in conjunction with Anti-Static matting floor as a direct replacement for the ESD heel strap. Wrist straps can be tested with a touch of the contact plate, and ESD heel straps are easily tested using the metal footplate.

The purpose of the wrist strap is to drain off the operator's static charge. A wrist strap or ESD cuff is kept in constant contact with bare skin and has a cable for attaching it to the ESD ground. The wrist strap cord has a current- limiting resistor for personnel safety. ESD heel strap must be tested frequently to assure that they are undamaged and operating correctly. When a wrist strap is impractical, there are special ESD heel straps or shoes that can be used. These items are effective only when used in conjunction with a dissipative floor.
A flexible liquid tight conduit system developed for higher temperature applications such as machine tools and where the conduit will be required to operate in environments where oils and greases are predominant.
Flexible liquid Tight conduit is ideal when used with liquid tight fittings for
applications where a high degree of liquid tightness is required.

Liquid-tight flexible conduit provides protection for wiring circuits located in extremely wet or damp areas. Liquid-tight conduit is utilized anywhere protection from extreme conditions is required. Irwin-Industrial non-metallic liquid-tight conduit is used as an alternative to traditional liquid-tight conduits. It provides security from water, dust, and other contaminants, while providing ease of installation.

A general purpose flexible liquidtight steel conduit designed for a variety of installations requiring motion, vibration and bending. It offers good mechanical and moisture protection to enclosed conductors. A flexible yet durable PVC jacket is extruded over this core creating a liquidtight conduit resistant to most oils, acids and vapors present in industrial environments.

Our new product is a flexible, non-metallic, flexible liquid-tight conduit designed for use in most standard commercial and industrial applications. We also have a super-flexible, non-metallic, liquid-tight tubing designed for use in OEM applications such as robotics or internal machine tool wiring.
We provide custom designed kiosk hardware and software solutions. At the heart of a kiosk hardware is the project itself, to find out more about our kiosk hardware range please select a link below.

Select a design that matches the kiosk hardware location in-store and best complements your store’s look and feel. Choose a kiosk hardware with standard health or food graphics, or create a custom treatment to match your store’s colors and branding.

Irwin-Industrial is s a leading manufacturer of kiosk hardware for all types of applications. Any tangible portion of the kiosk project falls into the hardware category. Depending on the type of kiosk you require, this can be simply a metal enclosure with a touch screen monitor and PC inside. More complex kiosks have more hardware components inside such as card readers, printers, telephone handsets, ruggedized keyboards, ruggedized pointing devices and other specialized peripherals.

The hardware is typically the most expensive component of the kiosk project. After you order the kiosk hardware, we manufacture it to your specifications, equip it with the peripherals you select, finish it based on your instructions, then ship it directly to you.
Your kiosk hardware consultant will assist you with understanding all of the options and with making the best choice for your application.
High Performance liquid tight cord grips are outstanding performers, providing a superior liquid-tight seal in a variety of materials and functions to meet any requirement. Provide a liquid-tight cordgrip seal, resist higher pull-out forces and prevent sharp bending of cables and cords.

We have introduced its line of metric-hub straight, pigtail and right angle liquid-tight cord grip fittings. Our line of wire management products includes liquid tight cord grips, cord connectors, strain relief connectors, wire mesh grips, watertight conduit hubs and liquid-tight connectors.

They can also provide a liquid-tight cord grip seal on the power cord point of entry. This style of threading is designed to handle pressure under high torque conditions while maintaining a cord grip liquid tight seal.

For rigid, liquid tight applications the conduit should be pushed farther into the fitting until it clicks again. Is strain relief required for liquid-tight cord connections? The site helps the user select the appropriate electrical connector, strain relief, bushing, plug, liquid-tight cord grip or conduit fitting for their application.

Liqyid cord tight sealing grips with mesh are nylon devices used to connect electrical cables to boxes, cabinets, pushbuttons, enclosures. They are liquid-tight cord grip devices that are highly resistant to impact and corrosion. Non-metallic cord sealing grips will not support combustion.

Hinge latches are widely used to increase the stiffness of deployed devices. Both walking hinge latches were found unlatched during the predeployment inspection and were easily reset. Special hinge latches retain the guard in the open or closed positions.

Open the door and pull the door away from the system to release the door pins from the hinge latches. Manufacturer of engineered access control hardware services and solutions including fasteners, latches, hinges, handles and pulls.

One half of hinge mounts to top edge (or bottom edge) of door. Other half mounts to horizontal cabinet member directly above (and below) door. Latch hinges make excellent lid or door latches, or easily removable hinges.

Many can be used on both hinges and latches to create matching hardware sets. Improperly aligned latches and strike plates, or shorter than adequate screws on hinges, latches and strike plates can make even the sturdiest door pop open with a minimal amount of pressure.

It sets up and breaks down easily with a tug on the hinge latches and folds compactly to just 10 inches thick, taking up little of your car's trunk space. The cover, while in the closed position, can be temporarily completely attached to the body by latches afixed to the upper most exterior portion, at a predetermined position, of the remaining body wall, not previously engaged to the hinge .
You want this to be just large enough to accept the rubber grommet.Feed the wire through the rubber grommet on the firewall and into the passenger compartment of the car. The enlarged head of the pin is pushed through a rubber grommet inserted in the frame of the hopper when the bar is not being used.

Make sure the alternator cooling air shroud has a rubber grommet at the A+ or main power wire lead. These feed into the headlight bucket and are weatherproofed via a supplied rubber grommet. Use the silicone spray to ease these wires through the rubber grommet.

To make it easier, each of the wires' connectors need to be clipped off before feeding them though the rubber grommet to the turn signal housings. It is slipped onto the lip of the disposer, and then the mounting ring compresses this rubber grommet so it grips the lip securely; there is no metal-to-metal contact between the disposer and the sink.

Some disposers use a scheme here where a rubber grommet is fit around the end of the outlet pipe, and then the pipe and grommet are secured to the outlet of the disposer itself with a bolted-on flange that compresses the rubber grommet enough to secure a watertight seal.
Irwin Industrial range of SMT connectors includes devices with double sided contacts to maintain a stable contact force, unique rotary lock mechanisms and the smallest on-board size in the industry. We also offer a range of MIL connectors offering space saving designs.

Unlike PC mount connectors, however, SMT connectors do not require drilled holes in the PCB. The removal of lead from solder requires careful attention to the higher reflow temperature effect on SMT connectors.

This presentation will illustrate how SMT connectors further optimization of system performance, thereby breaking through the latest speed barrier. This family of products allows the use of standard SMT connectors with pitch as fine as 0.5mm. The flexibility of using existing high-density connectors reduces time to market and cost generally associated with custom interconnects.

New low cost SMT connectors withstand mechanical/thermal stresses of reflow soldering. lug and receptacle, both board hanging type SMT connector are mated horizontally and achieves the low profile of 2.0mm height contributing the low profile of application.

New high-speed SMT connector with 1.0mm pitch is especially designed for board-to-board applications in telecom and datacom next generation systems with data rates up to 10 GBit/s. The connectors are available in SMT or through-hole terminations.
The aluminum heat sinks in our catalog are available quickly. Irwin-Industrial is a wholesale aluminium heatsink manufacturer offering heatsink design, aluminum heatsinks, custom heatsinks, clip heat sinks, aluminium extrusion profiles,heatsink fans, thermal management, electronic cooling, thermal interface and phase change materials.

Aluminum heat sinks can be used for both passive or active thermal management at the component, board or system level. Irwin-Industrial can design, develop and manufacture plate and pin fin aluminum heat sinks to fit your financial or thermal budget.

Forged pin fin aluminum heat sinks are considered to be very thermally efficient due to the low thermal resistances they provide per unit volume. The powerful thermal performances generated by pin fin aluminum heat sinks are a product of an efficient physical structure and the use of highly conductive materials. In a fashion similar to other technically advanced applications, embedded applications typically require highly efficient aluminium heat sinks that provide low thermal resistances per given volume.
Most thin heat sinks are anodized aluminum. No matter how good production methods are, the metal surfaces of the thin heat sink and the metal mating surface of the semiconductor will not be totally smooth

Such an arrangement can be fabricated by cleaving linear diode laser arrays from a wafer, attaching them to thin heat sinks, and stacking these assemblies so as to obtain a periodic array of diode bars and heat sinks.

Thin-fin heat sinks have passed the following tests: heat aging and high temperature. If the thin heat sink is electrically conductive, you must have some sort of insulator between the semiconductor and the sink to avoid a short circuit.

The anodizing process creates a thin heat sink aluminum oxide layer which is an electrical insulator. This is a very effective thermal conductor. Some electrical insulators are more efficient than others in transferring heat from a semiconductor to the thin heat sink. Designer and manufacturer of high efficiency thin heat sinks, fan sinks and accessories for high end electronics. This step is only if your heatsinks have super thin fins just like mine.

The worlds thinnest heat sink shows incredible performance. Even though it has a wide base, it's only about three cm tall so it is one of the thinnest heat sinks.

In the selection of any thermal interface material, optimum performance is achieved utilizing the thinnest heatsink possible material suitable for a given combination of surface flatness tolerances, finish, and applied mounting pressure.

The more heat sinks (things like oil drums full of water that collect heat during the day and distribute at night) the better. The thinnest heat sinks provide sufficient power to cool down all type of electronic devices.

Since it is the thinnest heat sink to hand, some alteration to the heatsinks is called for. A thinner heat sink may have fitted. These techniques are useful when thinnest heat sinks are not available.

The thinnest heatsinks conduct thermal energy away from a heat-generating component to the environment by convection, radiation, or further conduction. Our thinnest heat sinks usually have an extended surface area to improve heat dissipation to the environment. Aluminum extrusions are a common form of thin heat sink. These extrusions have a rigid base and extended surface area fins.
What is ESD wrist strap? Use an ESD wrist strap whenever you open a chassis, particularly when you will be handling circuit cards and appliques. In order to work properly, the wrist strap must make good contact at both ends. The "ESD wrist strap" is intended for static control only. The ESD wrist strap safely channels this electricity from your body to a proper ground. Dual adjustable wrist strap for use with many continuous monitor system.

Personal grounding includes ESD wrist straps, field service kits, heel grounders and toe grounders. We carry a wide variety of personal grounding products to suit your needs. Our ESD wrist straps include elastic adjustable wrist straps, metal expansion wrist straps, and fixed size wrist straps. We also carry wrist straps for monitors. We challenge you to find better ESD wrist and heel straps at twice the price! If your ESD workstation does not include a wrist strap you need to order it!

But, what is ESD ?

  • esd grounding

  • Electro-Static

  • wrist strap

  • Work Surface

  • static control

  • workstations

  • esd protection

  • discharge

  • electrostatic discharges

There are at least nine critical elements to successfully developing and implementing an effective ESD control program. Selecting appropriate static control materials and developing and implementing effective procedures begin with two of these critical elements.

There are key steps that every company implementing a ESD Control Program will need to consider. This team will be responsible for the implementation of the ESD Control Program and should contain representatives from a cross-section of departments. Combating the invisible enemy with an effective ESD control program can produce financial benefits.

For product manufacturers using these electronic components, implementing an ESD control program has become crucial. An effective ESD control program is only as strong as its weakest link. Focusing on these fundamental ESD control principles is a good place to start.

The control of electrostatic discharge can easily be implemented by employing basic control practices and principles in conjunction with the proper control products. Establishing an ESD Control program is dependent on the components that need protecting, the specifications of the internal quality ESD control program and both the manufacturer and customer's requirements.