Enerfin transformer oil coolers (RHT) are custom designed to each customer's requirements and we have three main styles to suit most applications.

Enerfin OFAF (oil forced, air forced) transformer oil coolers are designed and manufactured using extruded aluminium fins. Transformer oil cooler comes complete with motor and fan assembly mounted and wired in a fan cabinet.

This will allow for normal plant operation even for the loss of a transformer cooler. In addition, operating under present conditions, a major reduction in generation capacity would have occurred for the loss of a transformer cooler during peak summer loads.

Similarly in transformer oil coolers are used to cool transformer oil by air or water. These transformer oil cooler play an important role in smooth functioning of main equipments. Our transformer oil coolers include different specifications and models such as integrated type, split type, suspended type and mobile type.

The configuration of a three-phase transformer cooler depends on the core type of the transformer used by the transformer oil cooler manufacturer. The radiators are connected to the transformer oil cooler by means of shut-valves. This method allows individual radiators to be removed without draining oil from the transformer.