In addition, Machinex can supply transformation machinery such as paper
balers and shredder machines, thereby delivering a complete package.
The company can also provide its own specialized technicians to look
after the installation and maintenance of its equipment.

As a stand-alone shredder, single-shaft unit, it handles 3,000 lbs. per
hour or more depending upon the amount of shredding required and
feeding procedures. The patented Auto-Rake shredder which is
electronically adjustable in both position and shredding pressure,
allows the amount and size of shredded pieces to vary to suit changing
requirements. Ripping wheels fabricated from abrasion-resistant steel
are individually replaceable without machine disassembly. Low-speed 30
HP drive is economical to operate as compared to an equivalent capacity
hammermill of greater horsepower. Machinex's auto-rake shredder is also
safe to operate. The automatic control of rake bar virtually prevents
any jamming. It is a self-cleaning shredder that eliminates the need
for an operator to remove jammed material. The shredder controls are in
free-standing Nema 12 enclosure and full safety guarding is provided.