What are impact windows? The glass used in the construction of impact Windows provides 4 times the energy efficiency of a single pane glass. Click on the type of impact windows for more information. Impact resistant windows can reduce the risk of window failure and personal injury during tornadoes and explosions and deter burglars from gaining entry into a home.

As with impact windows, all shutters must pass the same test for impact and cyclic wind loading. When all this is taken into consideration impact windows and doors become a more attractive option. If you have windows that need immediate replacement, keep in mind that you cannot buy regular windows, they must be to code, which are the high wind impact windows.

I live in Florida and purchased one of your doors with impact windows how should I clean them? Offers custom wood doors, impact windows in traditional French styles. With impact windows and doors, you get ultimate protection and style.

Impact windows and doors are also an excellent additional deterrent to vandalism. For impact windows, this can be based on the published Performance results determined by testing.This high performance product provides an attractive and economical way to add superior quality hardware to your impact windows.
Because of the impact windows have on both heat loss and heat gain, proper selection of products can be confusing. These are "impact" windows, which have laminate between the glass to protect you from the damage of blown glass from . Our impact windows are designed to protect the things you value most.