Extruded finned tube with or without liner tubes are available. The extruded finned tube is formed by a rolling process that raises fins in a continuous spiral on a straight length of tubing.

Random sample of bimetallic extruded finned tube is tested to ensure lower thermal contact resistance between fin and liner tube.

To properly support and convey the extruded finned tube, the machine has been equipped with quick-change steady-rest type roller conveyors. This movement enables the extruded finned tube to be withdrawn from the finning head and opens a passageway between the machine and the finned tube rack.

Extruded finned tubes are the general standard on the Enerfin heats exchanger for high temperature applications. Heat transfer surface typically consists of aluminum fins extruded over a liner tube, integral low finned tubing, or bare tube designs. Extruded fin tube offers excellent corrosion protection of the base tube. These forced oil / forced air coolers use special extruded finned tubes, utilizing optional metals, to provide one of the most efficient heat transfer surfaces available.

This fin is often referred to as a double-L fin and is often sold in place of extruded finned tubes. This extruded finned tube manufacturer is optimally shaped and has excellent thermodynamic properties.

The ambient air is cooled by humidification at the inlet of the extruded finned tube bundles. Enerfin-inc.com has developed the system which relies on the use of aluminum fintubes, and especially the famous bimetallic extruded finned tube.
Instead of winding a separate ribbon on to a bare tube, a form of extruded finned tube is available in which helical fins are extruded from the tube itself
by a rolling process.