Stahl,Monorail and hoisting equipment
Stahl,Monorail and hoisting equipment
Welcome to Canstahl

Wire rope hoists from R. STAHL prove themselves every day in heavy duty.

The experiences of nine decades and consistent development make our hoists pioneers among lifting gear. Our certified Quality Assurance System to DIN ISO 9001/EN 29001 guarantees consistently high quality.

Stahl’s products have been sold in Canada for over 25 years.

CanStahl Inc. is the exclusive distributor for R. Stahl Fordertechnik GmbH in Canada for material handling products. Since the actual owner took over in 1994, Stahl’s products really grew in popularity in Canada.

With over 35 years in experience in overhead cranes, Canstahl’s owner knows how important reliability and availability are.

By reliability we mean that Stahl products have been, for a long time, leaders in manufacturing high quality products on which you can count, what ever your needs are.

Reliability means: no stop in your production, considerable reduction of your repair costs, less problems ...

By availability we mean our huge inventory of new equipments and spare parts and the efficiency with which we handle your requests for quotations or technical support.


The modular solution

The modular conception of R. STAHL wire rope hoists opens up a multitude of variations on the basis of series components. Thus individual, custom-built solutions for special installation situations and operating conditions and applications in special ambient conditions can be realised quickly and economically.

Competence on components

The high quality and efficient functioning of the various sub-assemblies guarantee reliable and long-lasting service:

 Maintenance-free rope drum bearing with central drive. Double-grooved rope drums as an option.

 Reliable rope tensioner and robust, hard-wearing rope guide.

 Three-step spur gear with helical gearing. Additional planetary gear step on the AS. 7 Low-maintenance oil bath lubrication. OVERLOAD CUT-OFF, integrated into gearbox.

 Sliding rotor brake motor with two speeds with multi-pole motors.

 Enclosed brake. Dirt cannot enter from outside, nor can brake dust escape from inside. Enormously long life of the asbestos-free brake that can be adjusted many times. Very easy maintenance: indication when adjustment is necessary.

 Safety final limit switch for top and bottom hook position.

Operational limit switch is standard.

 The operational hoist limit switch E-A is a combination switch: it cuts the wire rope hoist off operationally in highest and lowest hook position. In addition it functions as a final limit switch in highest and lowest hook position.

 All hoists are supplied with overlaod cut off motor protections and operating hour counter.

Stahl,Monorail and hoisting equipment

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