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Cascades Inc. is an international scale producer of paper and packaging products, specializing in manufacturing, converting and marketing of high-end and specialty products.

The Company’s five industrial groups, which are leaders in their niche markets, specialize respectively in the production of boxboard, fine papers, tissue paper, containerboard and specialty products. Cascades also has a subsidiary specialized in the energy industry.

With over 12,000 employees, the Cascades Group and its subsidiaries have more than 100 modern, versatile operational units in Canada, the United States, France, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain. The Cascades Group recycles more than one and a half million tons of wastepaper annually, thereby supplying nearly two-thirds of its fibre requirements. The group’s 30 years of experience in recycling, sophisticated de-inking technologies and sustained research and development efforts enable it to manufacture top-quality products that rank among the best.


1) Les industries Paperboard International

Paperboard Industries International Inc. is a world-class leader in the manufacture of   premium coated boxboard and folding cartons.

Paperboard operates seven mills with a total annual production capacity of 810,000 metric tonnes of coated boxboard for conversion into folding cartons and microflute packaging. Three of these mills are located in Canada, two in France, one in Germany and one in Sweden. Ranked first in its industry in Canada and in France, the Corporation is the ninth largest coated boxboard manufacturer in North America and the fourth in Europe.

Approximately 60% of Paperboard’s production of boxboard is made of 100% recycled fibre, and 12% of its output is produced with a high content of recycled fibre. In this growing market, it ranks fourth in North America and third in Europe. Vertically integrated upstream, the Corporation operates two deinking units, in Canada and in France. Paperboard obtains its supply of recycled fibres through its own recovery networks and affiliates, as well as through long term agreements with independent suppliers. To secure its supply of virgin fibre, it operates four chemical or mechanical pulp mills in Quebec, France and Sweden, and holds interests in sawmills.

Cascades Inc. (Specialty products)

As the name "converting" indicates, the plants in the Converting Sector convert certain raw pulp and paper materials into finished and semi-finished products. They do so by obtaining supplies of uncoated paperboard, for example, from their sister plants and converting them.

Cascades Multi-Pro Inc., specializing in sheeting, is currently developing biodegradable forest and horticultural mulches, Cellu-Fib. These revolutionary products will prove to be an ecological alternative to phytocides, as a chemical-free means of weed control.

The mulches will be especially designed for reforestation, orchards, and landscaping. For more information regarding these products, go to

The Converting Group at Cascades also includes Nu-Tec Inc., which manufactures high temperature hot plates. For more information regarding these products, go to


Resources Pulp and Paper,Pulp and Paper,Papers Fine,Papers Writing,
Papers Printing,Papers,Foresterie Durable Sustainable

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